All-Stars showbag reveal!

By GeneralCoxy

International Wildcard All-Stars is coming to Melbourne! On top of being able to witness the debut of international League of Legends on Oceanic soil, you’ll be part of a true esports experience. From the walk-in Hall of Fame to the on-site merchandise store, All-Stars is more than just a tournament.

Everyone who attends IWCA will take home a part of esports history with the All-Stars showbag! Please be aware that some contents will be exclusive to certain days. 

  • All-Stars scarf
  • Stress ball - Bittersweet Lulu
  • Surprise skin code I
  • IWCA event program
  • Thundersticks
  • Lanyard

  • All-Stars baseball cap
  • Stress ball - Poro (Sunday), Jinx Flame Chomper (HOYTS)
  • Surprise skin code II
  • IWCA event program
  • Thundersticks
  • Lanyard

The League of Legends merch store will be popping back up at Margaret Court Arena on November 28 and 29! You’ll be able to pick up a variety of items, ranging from Tibbers pillows to figurines. Stocks are limited, so get in early to avoid disappointment.


Apart from taking home some neat swag, there will be plenty of other experiences at IWCA to break up all the esports action. Other features of the event include:

  • Hall of Fame: check out the history of the Oceanic scene and see the full profiles of the Oceanic All-Star team.
  • Photo ops: take a champion selfie, make an animation with some League props, and print out your Instagram posts.
  • Braum’s Burgers: the Heart of the Freljord is expanding his business to Margaret Court Arena and taking over the food joints to help you get your grub on.
  • Player signings: the All-Star players will be on hand for photos and autographs.

If you can’t make it to Margaret Court Arena but still want to experience IWCA with the energy of a live crowd, hit up one of the HOYTS viewing parties. All HOYTS attendees will receive a showbag as well!

3 years ago

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