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Looking Ahead at the Future of LoL Esports

The Head of Global Esports, John Needham, shares his vision for the future of LoL Esports.
3 weeks ago

OPL Finals Viewing Parties

Find out if there’s an OPL Finals viewing party near you!
3 weeks ago

Macca's OPL Top 3

The Top 3 OPL Plays from the Gauntlet brought to you by Macca's®
3 weeks ago

2019 World Championship Ticket Information

Find out when the 2019 World Championship tickets will go on sale.
3 weeks ago

League of Legends MEO Survival Guide

Where you’ll find LoL throughout the festival
3 weeks ago

Snowball Esports: Gauntlet Preview II

Bombers vs Order – A battle as diverse as Melbourne’s weather
3 weeks ago

Snowball Esports: Gauntlet Preview

Dire Wolves vs Order – Experience the key in opening finals series
3 weeks ago

LG Australia renews Dire Wolves sponsorship

LG Australia has renewed its sponsorship of Australian organisation Dire Wolves up until 2020.
3 weeks ago

OPL Gauntlet

The OPL Gauntlet begins Thursday 4pm AEST
3 weeks ago

The Golden Guardians are coming to MEO

Catch the LCS team on August 31
4 weeks ago