YSSC: everything to prove

By Riot Sephyre

Over the next few weeks we will be profiling the teams that qualify for the Oceanic Regional Tournament. The sixth team to qualify is YSSC, with the team earning their spot by coming second in the ACL qualifier.

Your Soul Shall Chuffer, better known as YSSC, doesn't have a storied history like the other teams in the Autumn Regional. They have nibbled on the edges of the top tier in Oceania but they've never made a big splash until now.

Their performance in the ACL qualifier turned heads, especially after defeating Team 4Not in the early rounds. It wasn't until they ran into Little Wraith that they were seriously challenged, with the Wraiths taking them out 2-0. Chuffer would go on to fight their way out of the lower bracket in the double-elimination tournament and come back to crush Best League Guild to earn their spot in the Autumn Regional.

YSSC also came very close in the first Go4LoL qualifier, making it all the way to the finals before losing to Frenetic Array. This included beating Little Wraith in the semifinals and knocking off Ministry eSports in the opening rounds.


Denian (above)

The driving force behind YSSC is their marksman Denian. He's team captain, manager, chief scout and runs the Facebook page. Back in the day he was also a coin-toss away from playing for an American team when he was looking to join the pro scene.

"I got a random invite from a person called 'Rustyballbags' and normally I would decline the friend request because of the name, however for whatever reason I decided to accept and he gave me an offer to play for an Australian team," recalls Denian. "I had an offer for a North American team at the time; it was quite the decision... I ended up flipping a coin."

That started a chain of events that would lead Denian to play for Sequential Gaming, Exile 5 Lunar and Gamecom. While he was with Sequential he flew to Korea for WCG 2011.

Denian also likes to point out that Sequential beat Frenetic Array in the qualifiers for that WCG. That was the Frenetic Array roster with Raydere that would go on to be acquired by Team Immunity. He also admits that Immunity has now become the end-game boss of Oceania.


When you bring up Immunity from their Frenetic Array days, the team’s mid-lane player LilqtCheeserino likes to chime in with his own story about beating them. His first ever team was Carnage back in Season 2 and they won a convincing 2-0 series against Frenetic Array in a major tournament. He makes a point to add that Carnage beat Sequential at the same event.

“I was proud as I was around 1,700 ELO at the time and HeavenzCurse was 2,400 so I went in very shaky but performed very well against him,” says LilqtCheeseroni.

He actually joined Carnage as a duo with Jakattack, who played jungle at the time, but is now YSSC’s top-lane player as Zahe roams the jungle for Chuffer. It hasn’t been a fairytale for the pair though, as Jak split off and played with Exile 5 before joining up with YSSC.

Flying Joo

The freshest face on the team is their support player Flying Joo. Chuffer is the first serious team he has ever played for and it all started with a friend request.

"While I was climbing the solo queue ladder I supported Denian," explains Flying Joo. "We did fairly well in lane and won the game. Thereafter I added him to my friends list."

A short time later Denian asked Flying Joo if he was interested in ranked 5s and YSSC's bot-lane combination was born.

"I am rather new to the OCE scene," adds Flying Joo. "This has been my first major team, I'd say finding a solid team that wants to work together and become a top contender is my proudest achievement."

They didn’t end up needing to play in it, but YSSC had also earned their spot in the Challenger Qualifier by being one of the top dogs on the 5v5 Ranked Teams ladder. The Chuffer boys have been hitting their stride lately and while they are considered underdogs by some, the confidence amongst the team is high. They know they have everything to prove but YSSC believe they have the roster to do it.

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