Wolves show their teeth in Round 1

By Amy Lau

The Oceanic Pro League continued on Monday with Avant Garde, Dire Wolves, Team Immunity and Rich Gang hitting the Rift.


Game 1: Avant Garde vs. Dire Wolves

Fresh off their IEM Taipei trip, reigning Oceanic champions Avant Garde opened the night against Dire Wolves. The pressure was on for their brand new bot lane duo Maz and Junnie who are trying to fill the shoes of former stars Veritas and Nada.

Avant were also starting a substitute top laner Badgamelol who was filling in for veteran Porky while he’s out of the country.  Despite this, Avant kicked off the match with their trademark aggression. Their jungler Chelby was constantly be on the lookout for targets to punch with Vi, but Sharp's Xerath was ready for him and was able to steady the Dire Wolves.

By the 18-minute mark the score was 8-8 with both teams sitting on a marginal gold difference.  However, the combo of Dire Wolves’ heavy frontline in Perfection’s Irelia and SoulStrikes’ Rek’Sai overwhelmed Avant in the late-game team fights – leading to the Wolves notching their first win in the OPL.


Game 2: Rich Gang vs. Avant Garde

Rich Gang qualified through the Open Ladder and were dealt a tough hand when they drew veterans Avant Garde and Team Immunity in the first. Despite this, they pulled off a shock upset of Avant in their first game.

The constant early pressure of Huey’s Vi in the mid lane would put Kenste’s Twisted Fate behind and set the stage for Chenyboy to have a field day. This led to Rich Gang dominating the early team fights and maintaining control of the Dragon throughout the game.

Chennyboy’s Ahri punished Avant for overstaying around the 34-minute mark after a skirmish in the river. Avant were looking to push into Rich Gang’s base but they were poked low and Chenyboy pounced, picking up a quadra kill and then a catch on Kenste gave him the pentakill.  

Though Avant showed signs of turning the game around by the 30-minute mark with Chelby’s aggressive Lee Sin play, Rich Gang would go on to secure the win by acing Avant Garde in their final push towards the nexus.


Game 3: Dire Wolves vs. Team Immunity

With the recent departure of Claire and the induction of former YSSC mid-laner Cheese, Team Immunity had a lot to prove in their opening game. Dire Wolves were not making it easy with a push for early deep wards in Team Immunity’s jungle.

Aggressive and well-timed teleports from Perfection’s Lissandra in the early game would prove to be significant as well, allowing K1ng to snowball on Sivir and eventually putting the team ahead with a staggering 10k gold lead by the 20-minute mark.

Despite this, Team Immunity did not appear discouraged as they continued to hold onto map objectives such as Dragon. However, the combined crowd control abilities brought along by Perfection’s Lissandra, SoulStrikes’ Jarvan IV and Chuffer’s Annie proved too devastating for Immunity to handle. The Wolves would secure the win and a 2-0 start to OPL.


Game 4: Team Immunity vs. Rich Gang

Team Immunity and Rich Gang would close out the night with the final match. The early game started out with Cheese on Xerath bullying Chenyboy’s Orianna out of the mid lane with accurate stuns and a point blank ultimate. Both teams appeared shaky as the game went on, with the gold lead bouncing back and forth.  

Immunity’s veteran experience proved to be invaluable as the game drew out. With calculated aggression, the IM crew managed to control Dragon and Baron and steady the game. They would eventually push into Rich Gang’s base with the destructive force of their 5th Dragon buff and Baron buff.

You can catch the next set of games at 6pm AEDT Thursday 12 February at www.twitch.tv/riotgamesoceania


Amy Lau is a contributing writer and the manager of Chiefs. You can follow her on Twitter here.

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