Will you represent Oceania?

By Riot Benji

Will you be flying to the International Wildcard Tournament to represent Oceania? The first of the Winter Regional qualifiers has arrived and it's your chance to back up your boasting.

All you have to do to compete is grab your team and play on the 5v5 Ranked Teams ladder. The top 8 teams on the ladder at 6AM AEST on 01/05/2014 will be invited to compete in the Challenger Qualifier.

The winner of that competition gets a direct seed into the Winter Regional Round of 8 and a chance to earn a spot at the Winter Finals. The Winter Champion will be hopping on a plane to the International Wildcard Tournament and possibly on to the World Championship in Korea.

If you think you have what it takes but you just need a team to carry on your shoulders then a good place to start is the Clan & Team Recruitment forum.

5 years ago

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