Welcome to the IWCI: Meet the contenders!

Eight different leagues have declared their champions. They had to overcome everyone else in their home region to be given the right to represent their server in the International Wildcard Invitational.

The teams are flying into Mexico City to fight for the winner-takes-all prize of qualifying for the Mid Split Invitational. The action kicks off on Sunday the 17th of April and runs through to the following Sunday the 24th of April.

Meet the contenders

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  • From Latin America North, Lyon Gaming.

    Despite being the most dominant team in the region, Lyon has not participated in any big-ticket international tournaments in the last three years. Their hopes have been crushed by LAS teams twice in the past: PAX and KLG robbed them of a chance to contend at the 2014 and 2015 IWCI tournaments, respectively. The last time they shone at any relevant international event was at the 2013 World Cyber Games, where they finished fourth, just behind top-rated teams such as World Elite, CJ Entus and OMG.

    Now, Lyon has the chance to compete in front of a home crowd, and the team will likely do everything in its power to reach the finals and not disappoint their fans.

    Lyon Gaming (LYO)
    Top Daniel "Jirall" del Castillo – Mexico
    Jungle Marcelo "Thyak" Ramones - Mexico
    Mid Uri "Uri" Schölderle – Uruguay
    AD Carry Ali "Seiya" Bracamontes – Mexico
    Support Diego "Arce" Arce Chang – Peru

  • From Latin America South, Isurus Gaming.

    One of the strongest and most consolidated organizations in Latin America, Isurus Gaming has had outstanding performances in several international competitions for a myriad of video games. However, League of Legends had remained an elusive challenge, one where Isurus hadn’t yet found success in the competitive scene.

    Formerly favoring Argentinian pros, ISG’s current roster is comprised almost exclusively of young Chilean players with limited international exposure: except for Zeicro, the rest of the team had not participated in an official tournament until the recent CLS Spring Split, where ISG was able to crush their opponents, Last Kings, in a convincing 3-0 Grand Final series on April 2nd. Despite their lack of experience, this squad has its sight set firmly on the upcoming challenge: to become the next IWCI champions.

    Isurus Gaming (ISG)
    Top Franco "Pride" Sanzana – Chile
    Jungle Claudio "ClatoS" Navarrete - Chile
    Mid Benjamin "Emp" Ramírez – Chile
    AD Carry Juan "Zeicro" Fierro – Chile
    Support Leandro "Newbie" Marcos – Argentina

  • From Campeonato Brasileiro de LoL, INTZ.

    The Brazilian team is by far the tournament favorite. INTZ has had plenty of competitive experience. Only last year they reached the Grand Finals at the 2015 IWCI. Throughout their careers, the Brazilian players’ main goal has been to show the rest of the world that INTZ is leagues above and beyond the rest of the emergent regions, and that they’re ready to face off against the top teams in the world.

    INTZ (ITZ)
    Top Felipe "Yang" Zhao – Brazil
    Jungle Gabriel "Revolta" Henud - Brazil
    Mid Gabriel "tockers" Claumann – Brazil
    AD Carry Micael "micaO" Rodrigues – Brazil
    Support Luan "Jockster" Cardoso – Brazil

  • From the Turkish Champions League, SuperMassive.

    SuperMassive definitely has a lot to prove during this tournament. Having recently incorporated two of Besiktas’ former IWCI champions (Theokeles and Thaladrin), the team’s amazing potential was hampered by their early lack of team synergy, evident in the lackluster score of 8-6 during the team phase.

    Although a fairly new team, SuperMassive is looking to rely on its pro stars, including former champions and long-time players like the ex-Besiktas, Dumbledodge, who was able to kill Faker with Janna at the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational.

    SuperMassive (SUP)
    Top Berke"Thaldrin" Demir – Turkey
    Jungle Furkan "Stomaged" Güngör - Turkey
    Mid Koray "Naru" Bıçak – Turkey
    AD Carry Nicolaj "Achuu" Ellesgaard – Denmark
    Support Mustafa Kemal "Dumbledoge" Gökseloğlu – Turkey

  • From the Oceanic Pro League, Chiefs eSports Club.

    Chiefs are coming into IWCI after overcoming their demons against arch rival club Legacy. They were denied a trip to Wildcard back in 2014 by Legacy and it looked like history might repeat but Chiefs were too strong in a five-match thriller. They look to be coming into IWCI in their best shape for international competition yet.

    However they have a tough road ahead of them: Oceanic teams have typically put up a strong first or second day of the competition, only to fall in the later stages. Will this be the year where Chiefs break through internationally?

    The Chiefs (CHF)
    Top Brandon "Swip3rR" Holland – Australia
    Jungle Samuel "Spookz" Broadley - Australia
    Mid Simon "Swiffer" Papamarkos – Australia
    AD Carry Derek "Raydere" Trang – Australia
    Support Bryce "EGym" Paule – Australia

  • From the LoL Continental League, Hard Random.

    Aside from Alex Ich’s Gambit Gaming (considered by many a European team), Hard Random has been one of the most successful teams in the history of the Commonwealth. They have disputed 3 championships, 4 finals and have gone through 3 different roster changes, pointing at the fact that this team doesn’t only rely on star players, but rather on building a solid structure and hiring top-notch coaches.

    The team’s strong mindset and maturity has allowed them to overcome defeat and face challenging conditions (like the fact they are one of the regions who usually have to travel the farthest to participate at the different host countries where the IWCI has been held). Convinced that they would be victorious if the IWCI were ever held in their own home country, we’ve yet to see how this team of titans will adapt to Aztec city, this year’s IWCI host.

    Hard Random (LCL)
    Top Dmitrii "Smurf" Ivanov – Russia
    Jungle Oleksandr "PvP Stejos" Glazkov - Ukraine
    Mid Mykhailo "Kira" Harmash – Ukraine
    AD Carry Vladyslav "aMiracle" Shcerbyna – Ukraine
    Support Kirill "Likkrit" Malofeyev – Russia

  • From Garena Premier League, Saigon Jokers.

    Created back in April 2012 during the first ever Garena Premier League season, the Saigon Jokers was originally made up of 10 members selected from a pool of 2000 Vietnamese candidates. During that first season, they ended up in third place in their league.

    Later that same year, the Jokers went all the way up to the Southeast Asia regional finals, and though they initially lost during the second round to the Singapore Sentinels, they later had a chance to come back as part of the loser’s bracket to beat the Sentinels during their rematch, and advance to the World Championships. Despite their long history and experience, this will be the first time this Vietnamese team gets to attend an IWCI tournament.

    Saigon Jokers (SAJ)
    Top Hoàng "Row" Duy Phương – Vietnam
    Jungle Trần "Jinkey" Công Cam - Vietnam
    Mid Mai "Lovida" Việt Long – Vietnam
    AD Carry Nguyễn Phước "Celebrity" Long Hiệp – Vietnam
    Support "Tsu" Anh Duy – Vietnam

  • From League of Legends Japan League, DetonatioN FocusMe.

    The Japanese powerhouse has either won or come in second place every season since the creation of the LJL. Last year, they qualified for both the IWCI and the IWCQ. In the former, their only victory came against Kaos Latin Gamers; while they had a superb first day in the IWCQ, defeating the Chiefs and Bangkok Titans, but did not win a single game afterwards.

    In 2016, they’ve brought in former LoL Champions Korea players Catch and viviD (now Eternal) at Jungle and Support, and former Rabbit Five ADC Zerost has taken over as AD Carry. Rounding up the team, DFM’s two stars, Yutapon and Ceros, are known as Japan’s most mechanically gifted players. During this IWCI, we’ll get to see if the international experience of their renovated squad will pay off.

    DetonatioN FocusMe (DFM)
    Top Yuta "Yutapon" Sugiura – Japan
    Jungle Yun "Catch" Sang Ho - Korea
    Mid Kyohei "Ceros" Yoshida – Japan
    AD Carry Shotaro "Zerost" Ikeda– Japan
    Support Han "Eternal" Ki Hoon – Korea

Chiefs game times

  • Sunday April 17 - 9:00AM AEST approx - Chiefs vs Supermassive (Turkey)
  • Sunday April 17 - 11:00AM AEST approx - Chiefs vs Hard Random (CIS)
  • Monday April 18 - 7:00AM AEST approx - Chiefs vs INTZ (Brazil)
  • Tuesday April 19 - 8:00AM AEST approx - Chiefs vs Saigon Jokers (SEA)
  • Tuesday April 19 - 11:00AM AEST approx - Chiefs vs Lyon Gaming (LAN)
  • Wednesday April 20 - 08:00AM AEST approx - Chiefs vs Detonation FocusME (Japan)
  • Wednesday April 20 - 10:00AM AEST approx - Chiefs vs Isurus (LAS)

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