Team Nv: Heavenz returns

By Riot Sephyre

Over the next few weeks we will be profiling the teams that qualify for the Oceanic Regional Tournament. The third team to qualify is Team Nv after they went undefeated in the second Go4LoL qualifier.

HeavenzCurse was once on top of the pile in the Oceanic eSports scene. At PAX Australia in Melbourne last year he was the centre of attention as the mid-lane player for Team Immunity. He soaked up the cheers from the crowd after Immunity took the regional crown.

From there, Heavenz would have the weight of expectation on his shoulders as he flew to Germany for the International Wildcard at Gamescom to try and qualify for the World Championships. That’s where the maverick mid-lane player, famous for his Lulu and Zyra, would go through a rough patch and ultimately part ways with Team Immunity.

“To be honest, I was on tilt after seeing mistakes made over and over again with the team, I just lost motivation,” recalls Heavenz. “People had been abusing me and doubting me.”

For a while Heavenz faded into obscurity. He was still around in the Oceanic scene but doing his own thing and enjoying games with mates as much as possible. One of those friends was FirstMate and a late-night conversation on voice chat would lead them to decide to form a team together. Word spread that Heavenz was coming back and he and FirstMate gathered a bunch of ex pros that were still hanging around at the top of the solo queue ladder.


One of the players to answer Heavenz’ call was Mattress. He’s played for several top teams over the years, including Qlimax Crew, Sequential Gaming, Exile 5 and Mindfreak eSports. Mattress is also a student of the game and is often found studying LCS and OGN games to pick up the trends and changes in different regions. He puts a lot of research time into picks and bans.

Mattress talks fondly of how he became a part of the Oceanic eSports scene. He was inspired by seeing Sequential Gaming from Australia qualify for the World Cyber Games in 2011, watching it on stream with his friends and deciding to put together a team to play on the Cybergamer ladder.

“As we worked our way to the top and we started performing, I began to get noticed by the other competitive players in the scene and eventually got picked up by Qlimax Crew, who were later acquired by Sequential,” says Mattress.

Over the years Mattress has become a bit of a sponsor magnet, having been on teams that are later picked up by larger teams and organisations. Being picked up by a storied franchise like Team Nv is just the latest one. He has a long list of achievements, but Mattress is particularly proud of the way the team qualified for the Autumn Regional.

“Winning Go4Lol, against some of the best teams, including the favourites Little Waiths is definitely up there,” he explains.


The glue that keeps Team Nv together is their manager Voku. He is good friends with Gnomesayin, the manager of North American LCS team XD.GG and she is the one that persuaded him to get more involved in the eSports scene.

“She gave me a shove in the right direction, she told me that anything is possible in League right now and the Oceanic servers were coming so I could have a shot at either going pro or getting picked up – I took to the idea of managing a team,” says Voku.

Voku is the first to admit that it’s tough to make sure all of his players make it to their matches on time, though he loves what he does.

“It’s actually really hard, making sure they all go to sleep on time, and wake up on time, is a stressful thing to worry about,” adds Voku.

When pressed, Voku won’t divulge which players are the hardest to manage on the team. Though he gets a little chatty when you ask about their history.

“We were sitting on Teamspeak and couldn’t decide on a name, we were all hungry at the time and we wanted pho,” he says.

It was this conversation that lead to the team being called Beef Noodle Soup. Voku registered the team to play in a few tournaments and they were noticed very quickly, leading to Team Nv picking up the entire roster.

Despite not being together that long, Nv have been finding their groove behind their notorious mid-lane player. They were out to prove something in the Go4LoL qualifier and Heavenz was playing like a man possessed, cutting through some of Oceania’s best mid laners like they were paper. It hasn’t escaped the notice of the other top teams and Nv are not afraid of the attention. They might have the biggest chips on their shoulders of all the teams going into the Autumn Regional, but Team Nv also look like one of the most dangerous.


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5 years ago

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