Team Immunity: the titans return

By Riot Sephyre

Over the next few weeks we will be profiling the teams that qualify for the Oceanic Regional Tournament. First up are the boys from Team Immunity, who earned their spot from being last year’s Oceanic Regional champions.

The rest of the world learnt about Team Immunity when they played in the International Wildcard Tournament at Gamescom last year. Surrounded by thousands of fans and watched by millions, Immunity notched victories over Mexico’s Lyon Gaming and Turkey’s Dark Passage. Spirits were high in Oceania as Immunity leapt to a 2-0 lead and the possibility of making it through to the playoffs for a shot at the World Championship began to look real.

Immunity would end up going 2-2 in groups and make it through to the semifinals. A tough couple of games against would end iM’s run and the Russians would go on to take the Worlds spot.

The boys from Immunity also notched a few frequent flyer miles when they represented Oceania at the World Cyber Games (WCG) in China last year. Drawing a tough group, the team managed to win their first game against Japan’s Rampage, then lose to LPL team Energy Pacemaker from Hong Kong.

Immunity clawed it back with a win over Brazil’s KaBuM! e-Sports but that meant they would have to defeat Korea’s CJ Entus Blaze for a spot in the quarterfinals. Despite starting off strongly in lane and putting up a great showing against an OGN team, Immunity would ultimately fall short and go 2-2 in groups, coming third and just missing out on a spot in the playoffs.

On home soil, Immunity have been a powerhouse in the Oceanic scene, winning every single tournament they entered except for one, when Little Wraiths pulled off a stunning upset in a Go4LoL final late last year.

Raydere (pictured top)

Immunity’s most famous member is their marksman, Raydere, who’s widely considered to be one of the best players in the region. He started playing League of Legends back in 2010 and was one of the highest ranked players from Oceania when he was scouted by Frenetic Array. Team Immunity would go on to acquire the roster of Frenetic Array in 2012 and Raydere has been with the team ever since. In an interesting turn of events, the two brothers LittleUberGiant and UberGiantsBro that play on Frenetic Array now are the support/marksman combo Raydere is expecting the most trouble from.

“Frenetic Array's sibling bot-lane duo will give us the most trouble in the Oceanic Regionals,” says Raydere. “They have been playing together for a very long time and synergise very well together.”

Swip3rR (above)

The self-proclaimed best top lane player in Oceania came to League of Legends from another MOBA at the end of 2012. Swip3rR didn’t go straight to Immunity however, as he was recruited out of solo queue by SQL, before moving on to Team myR and then Chiefs before making the switch. He hasn’t looked back since coming across to Immunity though, especially with the experience of the PAX tournament last year.

“My proudest moment in my career would have to be the iM vs x5 semifinal at the PAX qualifiers,” says Swip3rR. “People would say it should have been final because they were definitely the closest/on par with us. Beating them was the most amazing feeling I have felt in a long time.”

Victory at PAX started a chain of events that would lead Swip3rR to travel to Germany for the International Wildcard and China for WCG, which really opened the eyes of his parents.

“At first they were not receptive about the whole career revolving around video gaming,” explains Swip3rR. “We had some tough times about it but now, they do support me and they are more appreciative after seeing I can perform well and participate in international events.”


The ex-Chiefs (left to right: Rosey, Raydere, Swiffer, spookz, Swip3rR)

Swip3rR was actually teammates with sp00kz, Rosey and Swiffer on Team Chiefs before they reunited on Immunity. spookz was jungle there as well, with Swiffer mid and Rosey support. spookz is particularly proud of one game when Chiefs beat Immunity.

“The first time I took a game off Immunity, when I was on Chiefs, I was really good friends with all the guys on Chiefs and to take a game off a team who was really dominant in the scene at the time was extremely satisfying,” says sp00kz.

It actually makes Raydere the only current member of the team that wasn’t on Chiefs. Swip3rR likes to make a joke about it during practice, letting his famous marksman know that the team is now basically the ex-Chiefs plus Raydere.

Something the team doesn’t joke about though is the future. Right now expectations are higher than ever for the reigning champions to come through strong at the Autumn Regional. Little Wraiths have proven that Team Immunity isn’t completely invulnerable, and the recent successes of a rejuvenated Frenetic Array have put the titans on notice.

5 years ago

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