Team Eviscerate: channeling Korea

By Riot Sephyre

Over the next few weeks we will be profiling the teams that qualify for the Oceanic Regional Tournament. The fifth team to qualify is Team Eviscerate, with the boys earning their spot by finishing second in the Cybergamer qualifier.

Team Eviscerate, or EV for short, are the new kids on the block. The team was only put together a few months ago after Rusty got talking to MrBaneBlade about making something happen for this season’s competition.

Rusty is the original mid-lane gangster, having been the captain of Sequential Gaming back in 2011 when they won the Australian WCG Qualifiers and flew to Korea for the main event.

Sequential got put in the group of death in the opening rounds of WCG 2011. They had to play both North American teams, with the USA roster featuring Xpecial, Reginald, Saintvicious, Dyrus and Chauster. The Canadian team had Chaox, bigfatlp, HotshotGG, Elementz and TheOddOne.

"Competing against some of the major names at the time such as CLG and TSM, who had mixed and match to create Chicks Dig Elo," says Rusty. "It was a massive privilege and I was honoured to do so."

Chicks Dig Elo would go on to win the tournament, with their Canadian counterparts taking third place. Since then he has played for Team Gamecom, Mindfreak eSports, Venum and Snx but he really hungered to make his own team. Which is why he spent months scouting the Oceanic scene with casting personality MrBaneBlade to put together the Eviscerate roster.

Tgun (above)

One of their biggest acquistions was Tgun, the team’s support player, who has also been through the Korea experience. He started playing League of Legends back in 2012 after a few of his mates hassled him to come try it and loved it, putting more and more hours into the game. The problem was he was one of the top Starcraft 2 players in Oceania and League was cutting into his practice time.

"I had to quit in mid-2013 completely as I was spending increasingly more time on it," says Tgun. "I was among the top-rated Australian players and it was starting to hurt my Starcraft results."

Tgun also had the opportunity to play for FXO back in 2011, with the team sending him to Korea to train in a gaming house and compete in a televised team league. It was there that he learnt the discipline that he now applies to practice sessions.

"The ability to do nothing but eat, sleep and live the game made me improve an incredible amount - there's no wonder Korean players have always been ahead," he recalls. "It's because they take it seriously."

One of the highlights for Tgun was getting to meet one of the biggest names in eSports, Lim-Yo Hwan, better known as SlayerS_'Boxer'.

"He said that he still gets nervous before games, but he does what I now do to prepare," explains Tgun. "He practices a whole hell of a lot until his win rates are high enough and he feels confident enough that basically everything is muscle memory."

Tgun has adopted Boxer's routine wholeheartedly. He practices the matchups he expects to run into for a specific event until he's absolutely confident about it.

"I practice the champions I'm going to play in tournaments and try and use them in as many situations as possible – both good and bad – so that when things happen, they're no longer surprising," says Tgun.


Another veteran of other games on the team is Will2g who plays marksman alongside Tgun. His eSports career started with Counter-Strike: Source, where his team won the Cybgergamer Amateur tournament four years ago and moved up to the professional tier.

"After playing multiple years of competitive Counter-Strike, nerves don't really come into effect anymore," explains Will2g.

Something he has learnt over the years is to make sure he gets a good night sleep, making that a part of his pre-tournament ritual.

"Preparation generally involves sleeping for 10 hours and to ensure that I'm warmed up for the games," adds Will2g.

He also likes to make jokes about how the main reason he ended up on Team EV was because he kept hitting Tgun in solo queue.


Something Will2g admits though, is that knowing the team's coach MrBaneBlade helped out a bit.

"I'd known Will personally through school and so was at first very reluctant to ask, but it has turned out quite well for us as Will and Tgun work very well together," says MrBaneBlade.

It's not really surprising that after months of scouting with Rusty, MrBaneBlade opted for players that have runs on the board in eSports. He has always wanted to emulate the way Koreans run their teams.

"I've always had a keen eye for theory-crafting and I love the challenge of watching professionals play and deciphering the 1% plays that make or break a game," claims MrBaneBlade.

So far the strategy of putting together a roster that practices like a Korean pro team has worked out. Eviscerate qualified for the Autumn Regional by finishing second in the Cybergamer qualifier, but they still don’t have the big reputation of some of the other teams. That’s just fine with the boys from EV, they’re keen to go up against the best and let their performance do the talking.


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