Team Curse signs Little Wraith

By Riot Sephyre

Little Wraith once had more hype than any other team in Oceania. Late last year they handed Team Immunity their first ever major tournament loss in the region and became known as the 'Immunity Killers'. It’s not surprising to think that team would be picked up by a big international team like Curse, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

Coming into the 2014 season the Wraiths went through a roster shuffle when their support Charlie left, but they were still considered a hot favourite to make it through to the Autumn Regional. They qualified for the Round of 8 and the hype-train hit fever pitch when they came up against Immunity again. But the reigning champions were too much for the new Wraiths. A follow-up loss to Avant Garde Ascension would see them finish fifth and narrowly miss out on a spot at the Autumn Finals at Supanova.

The players took it hard and once again they were rocked by a roster shuffle which saw Charlie rejoin the team. Their manager, Jinx, was called on to reforge the team anew, only this time it would be under a new banner. Team Curse were coming to Oceania and they wanted the Wraiths.

Curse had actually been in discussions with the team for a while, after an exploratory trip to Oceania last year.

Jinx (above)

"We first touched base in late November and have been in ongoing discussion since," explains Jinx, the team's manager. "We're absolutely overjoyed that we have finally been officially announced."

Signing with Curse has also brought a host of resources to the team, with marketing and sponsor contacts as well as the all-important analyst crew.

The Curse Oceania boys haven't been idle, with the team currently owning 3 of the top 10 spots on the Challenger solo queue ladder.

Curse's NA manager, Liquid112, explains that Curse wanted to come to Oceania due to the potential for rapid growth in the region.

"It’s a great investment to get involved at the right time with such a talented group of players and an excellent manager," he says.

The move follows on from Dignitas picking up Frenetic Array and marks the arrival of the second international gaming powerhouse to the region.

5 years ago

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