RECAP: Wolves regain their bite

By Amy Lau

Round 3 of the Oceanic Pro League kicked off with Team Immunity, Legacy, 4Not and Dire Wolves duking it out for points. Day 1 featured close games and some upsets as the teams continue to fight for the top spots on the ladder.

Game 1: Immunity vs. Legacy

The night started off with Team Immunity trying to get back on track vs Legacy. Uberbro, a core member of Immunity was absent due to a power cut, resulting in SuperNovA subbing in for the first game. With the odds stacked against them, Immunity attempted to catch Legacy off-guard with Cheese locking in Zilean - a mid lane pick that hasn't seen much play since early Season 4.

Cheese had a rough time of it as ChuChuZ’s LeBlanc came at him early and often. The added jungle pressure from Carbon’s Elise enabled ChuChuZ to score two quick kills on Cheese.

Skirmishes then broke out around the bot-side river as both teams fought for control over Dragon. With both JKSmithy’s Irelia and Cardrid’s Sion acting as the tanky frontline for their teams, fights were long and drawn-out, with neither team looking to have a particularly advantage over the other.

Cardrid’s Sion became an unkillable tank by the late game, and Immunity had no answer. An attempt to contest Legacy’s fourth Dragon would result in an ace and the first Baron for Legacy, putting them in a comfortable position to finish out the game.

Game 2: Legacy vs. Dire Wolves

In what might have been an oversight on Legacy’s part, Hecarim was left open in their second game against Dire Wolves, and as a result, Perfection showed us why he regularly draws bans on the Shadow of War.

Perfection put up a healthy CS  lead against Cardrid on Morgana and was able to rush his Trinity Force.

A fight broke out 20 minutes in the game when EGym’s Thresh landed a hook on Perfection. While Legacy had the right idea of focusing Perfection and shutting him down, this would backfire on them as K1ng’s Sivir was left untouched – enabling him to clean up in the fight and secure an easy quadra .

By the 35-minute mark, both teams would find themselves setting up for a Baron attempt. An 8k gold lead in the favour of Dire Wolves enabled them to charge head on into Legacy, immediately taking out three members before claiming the Baron. Armed with the buff, Dire Wolves proceeded to take their first victory of the night. 

Game 3: 4Not vs. Immunity

4Not have yet to win a game in the OPL and their desperation was clear in their game against Immunity.

Having made his way to a LAN café, Uberbro was able to rejoin his team for this game. Also, given his previous success on Swain, it was no surprise when Cheese locked in the Master Tactician once again.

The game was a bloodbath from the start. Both teams were trading kills and summoner spells back and forth in the early game – with the score sitting at 9-9 just 15 minutes in. Despite the gold being even at this point, Immunity displayed their superior team fighting skills in a contest for the second Dragon. A brilliant engage by Naya’s Sejuani looked to turn out in the favour of 4Not, but this was countered by JKSmithy’s Irelia and Zahe’s Jarvan IV jumping in on 4Not’s backline, splitting them apart. Immunity proceeded to pick up a clean ace on 4Not before taking the second Dragon.

At the 26-minute mark, Cheese and Tgun were caught out as they attempted to set up for Baron. Despite this, a penned Tgun unleashed a devastating Monsoon that scattered four members of 4Not, delaying their assault and allowing the rest of Immunity to pick up four kills and the Baron.

Immunity proceeded to charge down the mid lane shortly after, forcefully knocking down the doors of 4Not’s base and finishing their night at 1-1.

Game 4: Dire Wolves vs. 4Not

4Not were still looking for that victory and went tried to mix it up with  an unconventional top lane Diana for Carlos is God.

Dire Wolves bot lane turned the heat on immediately - K1ng’s Graves and Chuffer’s Morgana dominated for the whole of the laning phase, successfully taking the first three kills of game. There was little that 4Not could do from that point as K1ng continued to snowball out of control.

By the 22-minute mark, things continued to look bleak for 4Not as the wolves earned a 10k gold advantage. There was no denying 4Not’s persistence though, as they punished Dire Wolves’ members that were caught out of position.

A slight overconfident play by Dire Wolves in the 28-minute mark would delay their victory as they pushed to end the game on low health bars. 4Not managed to shut them down and drive them away for their base. As Dire Wolves were too far ahead in both kills and gold lead, they were able to eventually storm 4Not’s base and finish the night at 2-0.


Round 3 of the OPL continues on Monday 23 February 6pm AEDT at


Amy Lau is a contributing writer and the manager of Chiefs. You can follow her on twitter here.

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