RECAP: Sudden Fear disrupts playoff hunt

By Amy Lau

With playoffs only a week away, Avant Garde desperately needed to beat Sudden Fear to push for the final playoff spot. A loss would mean Team Immunity only had to win one of their last two matches to clinch the fourth seed.  As a result of Rich Gang’s disqualification, Chiefs and Avant were both awarded an automatic win for the night.

Game 1: Sudden Fear vs. Avant Garde

After giving Legacy a tough time in their match on Monday, Sudden Fear looked to carry over their rising confidence in their opening match against Avant.

Broler decided to surprise the casters when he locked in support Nautilus Sudden Fear. The Titan of The Depths made a strong impact in the early game when Apink Bomi2’s Lee Sin made his way to the bot lane for a gank. The combination of Lee Sin’s damage and Nautilus’ Riptide would allow him to take first blood on Maz’s Kalista, while a follow up Dredge Line would seal the kill Junnie’s Thresh as he attempted to retreat.

TriForce pickups by Ayy Paps’ Ezreal and MForMoon’s Corki brought on a massive power surge in the mid game for Sudden Fear, and they were able to poke down members of Avant to devastating effect. An overaggressive engage proved costly though when they tried to catch Kenste’s Ahri in between Avant’s turrets. Sudden Fear had overextended and in their retreat, a Death Sentence by Junnie’s Thresh would find its mark on Broler and Avant would pick up an easy kill and rotate to take the Dragon.

It wasn’t enough though, as Sudden Fear used their 5k gold lead to push into Avant’s inner bot turret by the 33-minute. While Avant attempted to defend it, Porky’s Irelia would find himself dead in the middle of Sudden Fear after a massive Lee Sin kick. With Porky down, Sudden Fear charged ahead with ChrisMissTrees’ Sion spearheading the assault. The combo of Sion’s ulti and Nautilus’ Depth Charge would tear through Avant right under their inhibitor turret, allowing MForMoon to clean up and secure an ace and a strong victory for Sudden Fear.

Game 2: Sudden Fear vs. Chiefs

The last time Sudden Fear and Chiefs went head-to-head was at the very start of the OPL. Coming off the high of upsetting Avant and putting their playoff hopes in jeopardy, the question was whether they could continue against the top seed.

Sudden Fear opened the game with an aggressive invade into the Chief’s red side jungle to gain deep vision control. Ayy Paps was a force to be reckoned with on Lissandra in their match against Legacy on Monday night, and he continued to showcase his mastery of the Ice Witch at 11-minutes in. With Apink Bomi2 coming in for a mid-lane gank on Rek’Sai, Ayy Paps initiated a Glacial Path straight towards Swiffer’s Diana before casting Frozen Tomb to lock him in place and secure first blood.

Chiefs took Sudden Fear’s aggressiveness head-on and answered back twofold – by maintaining complete Dragon control and executing fast rotations to take down Sudden Fear’s turrets.  The burst damage coming from Swiffer’s Diana was devastating to say the least, as he managed to solo MForMoon’s Lucian in a blink of an eye 22-minutes in.

Unfortunately, Sudden Fear were forced to forfeit at the 28-minute mark due to connectivity issues – resulting in Chiefs finishing 13-1 at the top of the ladder.

The hunt for the playoffs resumes on Monday 30 March from 6PM AEDT at

Amy Lau is a contributing writer and the manager of Chiefs. You can follow her on twitter here.

4 years ago

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