RECAP: Chiefs put to the test in Round 3

By Amy Lau

The pressure was on for the Chiefs as they looked to continue their win streak in the Oceanic Pro League on Monday. It was a night of excitingly close games as Avant Garde, Sudden Fear, Chiefs and Rich Gang took to the Rift once more.


Game 1: Rich Gang vs. Chiefs

Rich Gang opened up the night with the intention of dethroning the Chiefs from their top spot – and they nearly succeeded. Subbing in for Rich Homie in the top lane, Skwiggle was able to wreak havoc in team fights on a tanky Mundo.

While Chiefs were able to gain an early lead at the start, a few positioning mistakes by Swiffer and Swip3rR in the mid game would allow Rich Gang to capitalise. A game-changing team fight broke out 24 minutes in, with Skwiggle’s Mundo providing an unyielding frontline for Dayshifted on Kalista, allowing Rich Gang to shred through the Chiefs, pick up the first Baron of the game and turn the gold lead in their favour.

Things were looking grim on the side of the Chiefs as Rich Gang dominated vision control and forced Chiefs out of their own jungle. The veterans remained steadfast despite this, and played the game out patiently.

A calculated and aggressive engage by Swip3rR’s Maokai and Spookz’s Jarvan IV at the 49-minute mark would enable Chiefs to take out Chennyboy and Dayshifted early in the team fight. With Kalista and Xerath out of the picture, Chiefs would take their second Baron before making a final push to secure a hard-earned victory.


Game 2: Chiefs vs. Avant Garde

After a nail-biter of a game against Rich Gang, Chiefs went on to face Avant Garde in the second game of the night. Earning another 2-0 victory would not come easy for the Chiefs as veteran Porky had returned to the top lane.

Chelby’s was in fighting form on Vi as he successfully pulled off a close 2v2 countergank in the top lane against Swip3rR’s Kennen and Spookz’s Jarvan IV, emerging 2-0 alongside Porky on Maokai.

Unfortunately Chelby followed this up with a dive on Swiffer’s LeBlanc which proved disastrous. A well-timed flash Monsoon Rosey’s Janna split Avant apart, allowing Raydere to have a field day on Jinx and pick up an ace for Chiefs.

By the 31-minute mark, the odds were stacked against Avant as Chiefs had a staggering 9k gold lead. Chiefs would pick up an uncontested Baron and their fifth dragon as Avant attempted to push out the minions charging into their base – but to no avail. A final push by Chiefs resulted in clean ace, taking their second win of the night and continuing their win streak.

Game 3: Sudden Fear vs. Rich Gang

The third game saw both Sudden Fear and Rich Gang dipping into their reserve roster, with Energizer subbing in for MForMoon in the bot lane and Skwiggle taking the top lane in Rich Homie’s stead. It was a reunion of sorts as these two teams came up from the Challenger Series and this was their first bout in the OPL.

It was a bloodbath from the start as both teams traded kills back and forth. Skwiggle was outstanding on Rumble as he executed a brilliant Equaliser to contest the first dragon, zoning Sudden Fear and allowing Rich Gang to take the first dragon of the game. His rampage on Rumble continued as he managed to solo kill ChrisMisTrees’ Gnar twice in the first 10 minutes of the game. 

At the 15-minute mark, the game took a turn in Sudden Fear’s favour as both teams fought for vision control over the second dragon. Broler’s Blitzcrank landed a smooth hook on Huey’s Jarvan IV, erasing him from the fight and allowing ChrisMisTrees’ Mega Gnar to tear apart the rest of Rich Gang and sweep up an ace.

Sudden Fear continued to dominate in team fights towards the end of the game, Ayy Paps looking unstoppable on LeBlanc as he sliced through Rich Gang’s squishy backline made up of Caitlyn and Janna. Rich Gang’s base was in shambles by the 28-minute mark, and with a nexus turret already down and Sudden Fear closed it out soon after.


Game 4: Avant Garde vs. Sudden Fear

The final game of the night boiled down to Avant Garde facing Sudden Fear. Having had a shaky start to the OPL, Avant were determined to live up to their title as the 2014 Oceanic Champions. The game started off fairly even with both teams playing patiently and farming up for the mid-game.

Avant  took advantage of the lack of wards in Sudden Fear’s bot lane, allowing Kenste to freely roam and pick up a kill on Energizer’s Sivir. Avant started to snowball from there.

Maz on Corki was able to consistently  poke down Sudden Fear’s team with relative safety. And with Broler’s Lulu providing a safety net with Wild Growth, there was little that Sudden Fear could do as Junnie’s Thresh landed hook after hook to stop them in their tracks.

Avant would build up a staggering 11k gold lead 27 minutes in, and it was only a matter of time before they stormed into Sudden Fear’s base to close out the games for the night.


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Amy Lau is a contributing writer and the manager of Chiefs. You can follow her on twitter here.

4 years ago

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