RECAP: The battle for second

By Amy Lau

It’s crunch time in the OPL as playoff spots are on the line. Dire Wolves, Sudden Fear and Legacy took to the Rift on Monday night as they  scrambled for points. Dire Wolves and Sudden Fear were awarded an automatic win due to Rich Gang’s disqualification.

Game 1: Sudden Fear vs. Legacy

Legacy opened up the first match of the night with Minkywhale making his return to the top lane as he replaced Cardrid. It’s the first time the former International Wildcard representative has played in the OPL.

Sudden Fear started the game off strongly, notching a small gold lead before a massive team fight broke out 14-minutes in. Minkywhale teleported into the river brush and instantly flashed to engage onto ChrisMisTrees. As Legacy moved to back up Minky, Ayy Paps used Glacial Path to place himself in the center of Legacy before triggering a devastating Frozen Tomb. The rest of Sudden Fear were able to clean up in a 4-0 trade and push down Legacy’s outer mid turret before taking their second Dragon of the game.

Despite the score and the gold lead sitting in the in favour of Sudden Fear, Legacy refused to give up, and by the 35-minute mark, they would catch them in the fight they were waiting for. Legacy charged Sudden Fear when they were starting off their fifth Dragon and Carbon managed to steal it. The combo of Petrifying Gaze and Tibbers by ChuChuZ and EGym would lock down the rest of Sudden Fear, enabling Legacy to take a 4-0 trade and push down mid to break Sudden Fear’s base.

At 41-minutes in, a final team fight would break out in Legacy’s blue side jungle. Minkywhale acted as the bait and all five members of Sudden Fear chased after him, only to be caught off-guard by Carbon executing a brilliant Glacial Prison over the wall of Blue buff. Legacy were able to come out on top in a 4-1 trade before rotating to push down mid and earn a hard-fought victory.

Game 2: Dire Wolves vs. Legacy

The second game of the night was all about seeding in the playoffs. Legacy had to win this game for a shot at second place. Due to a 1-week ban imposed onto Perfection, Dire Wolves were required to use a substitute – resulting in 4ever2gether filling in on the top lane role.

Dire Wolves appeared confident as SoulStrikes locked in Sion jungle – marking the first time he had played a jungler that wasn’t Rek’Sai or Jarvan IV in the OPL.
He looked to make a move early with the Undead Juggernaut and focused on the top lane for a gank. Carbon was waiting in the wings for him on Vi and countered by helping bring down 4ever2gether on Hecarim. It looked like a superb play from Legacy but then EGym and ChuChuz tower-dived Soulstrikes and handed him a double kill. Dire Wolves built their lead from there.

As the game progressed, Dire Wolves used their gold lead to grab objectives and forcing Legacy back. By 22-minutes, there was little that Legacy could do when Dire Wolves broke into their base and extended their gold lead to 9k.

When their mid inhibitor fell Legacy still refused to give up. The wolves looked to grab Baron at the 26-minute mark but Carbon struck. He dived onto K1ng and erased him from the fight, while ChuChuZ on Zed took out Sharp and Legacy secured Baron. The comeback seemed possible.

As the game approached the 46-minute mark, Legacy had managed to catch up to the wolves - and it all came crashing down to one last fight. Seeing ChuChuZ split-pushing on his own in the bot lane, Dire Wolves charged up the mid-lane as five while Legacy attempted to retreat. Chuffer would land an impactful Death Sentence onto Minkywhale’s Maokai and 4ever2gether followed up with an Onslaught of Shadows to rip through the rest of Legacy – allowing Dire Wolves to pave their way to the nexus and victory.

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Amy Lau is a contributing writer and the manager of Chiefs. You can follow her on twitter here.

4 years ago

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