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By Riot Sephyre

We asked the trinity-force of Julian ‘Pastrytime’ Carr, Max ‘Atlus’ Anderson and Chris ‘Papasmithy’ Smith for the players they think are the ones to watch in OPL Split 1.

TOP - Swip3r - Chiefs

There have been many aspiring hotshots that have tried to make a name for themselves in the top lane but none of them have been able to dethrone Swip3r. He’s the consensus top laner in Oceania and has always managed to keep up with the meta.

Expect to see Swip3r mix a bunch of meta picks with his love of Tryndamere to try and influence the match in mid and late game.

Jungle - Chelby - Avant Garde

Chelby is a Jungler that puts the game on his back. From aggressive tower dives to invading his enemy’s jungle, Avant Garde win or lose because of his play. Their road to becoming PAX 2014 Champions was paved by lanes he snowballed.

Keep an eye on the bloodthirsty jungler, especially when faced with equally aggressive skirmishers such as Carbon and Spookz. There will be fireworks.

Mid - ChuChuZ - Legacy

The young prodigy is the anchor of the Winter Regional Champions and has proven he has the chops to play with the best. He’s considered one of the best Zed and Yasuo players in the region and his champion pool has kept up with the meta.

While Legacy’s success has been driven by the shotcalling of Carbon and Egym, whenever ChuChuZ’s goes to make a play the rest will follow.

ADC - Cnj - Team 4Not

Cnj has a lot to prove before he can try and push Raydere off his throne as the top marksman in the region, but he’s definitely one to watch. His ability to carve out a lead when paired with his support Zaldo has been impressive.

Look for Cnj’s near-perfect timing on Ezreal and Caitlyn to swing teamfights and be a nuisance in lane. Cnj could make 4Not a team to watch in the OPL.

Support - Tgun - Team Immunity

The fall from grace for Team Immunity has been savage. They were a game up on Chiefs in the Regional Championships but they lost game 2 and seemed to go on tilt. This caused them to miss the finals at PAX Australia and forced them to qualify through the Challenger series.

Tgun takes these kinds of slides personally and has been on a warpath in the Challenger Series. Expect to see the Blitzcrank worshipper to push for any chance to play an aggressive support and be out for blood.


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