OPL tiebreakers are on tonight!

By Sephyre

The stars have aligned for Abyss as everything that needed to happen for the three-way tiebreaker occurred this week. The result is a tie between Tainted Minds, Avant and Abyss for fourth place. They will now enter a best-of-one round robin that will be played Wednesday night the 27th of July.

How it works

All three teams will play each other once. If one team manages to go 2-0 they will clinch fourth place and the other two will be eliminated.

If all three teams go 1-1 then it will be another three-way tie and the round robin will start again. At a certain point, the OPL tournament administrator may call enough games for one night and the tiebreakers will resume on Thursday night.

First place tie

The three-team thunderdome isn’t the only tiebreaker that needs to be decided. Dire Wolves and Legacy have the same record and the same head to head (2-2) in games played. They will play a best of one to decide who is the number one seed.

It’s a big deal as the second seed will have to face the Chiefs in the semifinals, while the top seed will play the winner of the three-way tiebreak.


The tiebreakers will commence at 6:00pm AEST on Wednesday the 27th of July. If there is no result tonight they will resume on Thursday the 28th of July at the same time.

Where to watch

Catch it all live on www.twitch.tv/riotgamesoceania

2 years ago