OPL Rosters: Who’s playing for Who in 2019?

By Riot Benji

We've seen a monumental amount of change amongst OPL teams during this off season. Not up to date? We've got you covered!

  • Top - Chippys
  • Jungle - Swathe
  • Mid - Shok
  • ADC - Gunkrab
  • Support - Aladoric

On the back of a disappointing finish to the year, Avant Gaming have rebuilt their roster, looking to focus on some players that stood out in 2018 such as Chippys and Shok, and supporting them with some fresh upcoming talent like Gunkrab and Aladoric.

  • Top - Mimic
  • Jungle - Balkhan
  • Mid - Ry0ma
  • ADC - FBI
  • Support - Rogue

3/5 of the old Sin Gaming roster reunite on the Bombers lineup, with Koreans Mimic and Balkhan joining the crew. Ry0ma, FBI and Rogue have gained a ton of experience playing with veterans on Chiefs and Order, as a result all eyes will be on The Bombers to make great showing in 2019.

  • Top - Swip3rR
  • Jungle - Only
  • Mid - Claire
  • ADC - Raes
  • Support - Eyla

Every year it looks as though The Chiefs lose the best parts of their roster, yet every year when the dust settles, The Chiefs look stronger than ever. This year is no exception. Claire and Only bring some of the most successful elements of the 2018 Legacy lineup to The Chiefs roster. This is a team that is sure to have their sights set on their 5th OPL title.

  • Top - Biopanther
  • Jungle - UDYSOF
  • Mid - Getback
  • ADC - Anderu
  • Support - Corporal

After an undefeated year, the Dire Wolves have made some drastic changes to their roster for what can only be described as the largest Rookie lineup in the league. Can the seasened org take this relatively inexperienced team and turn them into champions?

  • Top - Papryze
  • Jungle - Guts
  • Mid - Chazz
  • ADC - Praedyth
  • Support - Yuzuki

Legacy look to be the hardest hit from all of the roster changes, with Only and superstar Claire moving to historic rivals The Chiefs and other players finding new homes. As a result the roster looks weaker than the 2018 lineup. We’ve said the same thing the last 2 years running, yet Legacy always seem to find a way to break through to the top of the ladder.

  • Top - Tally
  • Jungle - Spookz
  • Mid - Swiffer
  • ADC - Dream
  • Support - Jayke

The only roster that maintained a majority of its lineup, Order have replaced their bot lane with Dream, who we last saw on Sin Gaming, and Jayke who moved over from Avant Gaming. With some of the most experienced players in the league, there are high expectations for this solid roster.

  • Top - Topoon
  • Jungle - Babip
  • Mid - Triple
  • ADC - K1ng
  • Support - Destiny

Of the 10 players that played in the 2018 OPL finals, 4 of them are on this team. Coached by veteran Phantiks, Mammoth have put together a Mammoth roster that a lot of experts are already expecting big results from. We've seen super teams stumble in the past, but none of them have looked as strong as this one.

  • Top - Pabu
  • Jungle - Praelus
  • Mid - Haeri
  • ADC - Raid
  • Support - Decoy

Fresh off his All Star performance, everyone’s eyes are on Toplaner Pabu. With Legacy's old Bot lane and some young talent in Praelus and Haeri, 'The People's Champ' is going to need to pull out some rock solid work in the top lane to get his team rolling. This team has the ability to upset anyone, but they will enter their first few matches as underdogs.

8 months ago

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