OPL Promotion/Relegation results

By Sephyre

After two dramatic nights there are some new faces officially joining the ranks of the Oceanic Pro League. Abyss Esports Red and Chiefs Black managed to win their matches and have qualified for the OPL.

Unfortunately that comes at the cost of Trident and Infernum as both teams will now be headed to the Oceanic Challenger Series to try and fight their way back in.

Abyss Esports Red

Top: Pabu
Jungle: General
Mid: Looch
Adc: Squidgy
Support: tgun

Trident gave Abyss the fight of their lives in a 5-game series that went down to the wire. Abyss ended up taking it out 3-2 behind some impressive work by Looch on Viktor and Squidgy on Caitlyn.

Abyss making it to the OPL is also the return of tgun. Having played for Team Immunity and then Hellions previously, the outspoken maverick is back.

Chiefs Black

Top: Praedyth
Jungle: Zahe
Mid: Omni
Adc: Zero
Support: Rosey

Chiefs Black looked dominant in the Challenger Series and they took this out 3-0 despite some spirited attempts at coming back by Infernum.

Their roster is stacked with talent, including soloqueue star Omni and the highly-rated Zero. The roster also features the return of veterans Zahe of Team Immunity and Rosey who played for Chiefs and recently SIN Gaming.

2 years ago