OPL Power Rankings

By Riot Sephyre

Oceanic Pro League is about to blast off which means it's time for preseason power rankings! We've asked our resident panel of chirpy casters to put on their soothsaying caps and interpret the omens for the season.

The panel: Julian ‘Pastrytime’ Carr, Max ‘Atlus’ Anderson and Chris ‘Papasmithy’ Smith.

1. Chiefs

This was a tough spot to call given that Legacy have a track record of beating Chiefs but their star power is hard to deny. On paper they are the strongest team they just need to prove they can once again win the big games.


 2. Legacy

No major roster changes and their consistent performances makes Legacy a heavy favourite to win it all. The move of Tallywhacka to ADC and Cardrid to top lane could see Legacy once again representing Oceania at Wildcard.


3. Dire Wolves

The Wolves are a team full of potential. They have a solid lineup that lacks individual superstars. Should one of their carries really break out they could stand above the rest. Look for Sharp to try and prove that he truly is one of the region's best mid laners.



4. Avant Garde

Last year’s champions have lost the bot-lane duo that carried them to so many victories. They’ve replaced them with newcomers that will have to prove themselves on the OPL stage.


5. 4Not

The death-adder of the tournament is brimming with danger. 4Not have the ability to surprise and strike with incredible speed. They play every team to the limit and took down Team Immunity in the Challenger Series. If their bot lane can hold up against experienced teams like Chiefs and Legacy they could do some real damage.


6. Team Immunity

Immunity are a veteran team with a solid lineup but they need to show up. The fact they took a game off Chiefs in the Regional Championships shows they can play with the best but they have to prove they can consistently perform at that level. They scraped through the qualification process but they still have the playmakers to pull off an upset.

7. Rich Gang

Rich Gang scored so many points during the Open Ladder that they didn’t even need to play in the final week. They followed this success up with a strong performance in the Challenger Series and have some of the best team synergy of the new contenders. OPL is a giant leap forward though, but they could leap through the rankings with a hot start.


8. Sudden Fear

The Sudden Fear crew have yet to be truly tested by an OPL-level team. They had trouble in the Challenger Series but managed to grind their way to qualification. Their ability to close out games will need to improve in a hurry at this level of competition.


You can watch all of the OPL games live from 6pm AEDT on Mondays and Thursdays at www.twitch.tv/riotgamesoceania

4 years ago

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