The OPL is moving to Friday and Saturday Nights

By OPL Staff

The long wait for Split 2 of the OPL is nearly over and we’re excited to unveil a brand new time slot with broadcasts starting at 5pm AEST every Friday and Saturday. Old rivalries will be rekindled, new contenders will clash, and an OPL champion will emerge!


The OPL returns on Friday, 8th June, and we're kicking things off at 5pm AEST with a scintillating match between Mammoth (previously Sin Gaming) and Bombers. This is then followed by a nail-biting battle between Chiefs and Legacy. Meanwhile, Saturday’s matches will see Tectonic face Avant Gaming, while Order will get the chance to exact their revenge over the Dire Wolves.

Mammoth vs Bombers

Sin Gaming has been a fan favourite for many years and Juves’ passionate plays have always been a joy to watch, especially when the team famously managed to knock Chiefs out of the OPL Gauntlet last year. Unfortunately, the 2018 Split 1 roster changes proved detrimental to Sin’s top three aspirations and they struggled to beat even the weakest teams. However, the recent rebrand and signing of Echo Fox’s Brandon ‘Mash’ Phan could give Mammoth the strength they need to crush their opponents.

Bombers will be the first team to square off against the mighty Mammoth, but it’s important to understand that this is a team who has previously beaten Sin in the past. It’s not been an easy journey for the Bombers, but their positive attitude and eagerness to learn has given the team the confidence boost they need. The team recently went to North America to hone their skills and they’re hoping that they can put them to the test in their opening match.

Chiefs vs Legacy

Chiefs' roster was gutted before split 1, but the dominant dynasty has roared back to prominence nonetheless, and while they ended up losing to Dire Wolves in the Grand Final, they still have a good opportunity to put on a strong showing against their old rivals Legacy. The former kings have come a long way since the start of the 2018 Split and we’ve seen huge improvements from every player, especially from Swip3rR who wowed us with his supportive top-lane plays. It’s never easy missing out on the OPL crown, but the Chiefs have demonstrated that they have the potential to reclaim the throne.

Legacy have been a mainstay of Oceanic esports since 2014 and even though they had a rough time last season, they still managed to scrape a fourth-place finish. Legacy and Chiefs’ rivalry may be as old as they OPL itself, but this historic bout never fails to get our blood pumping. Legacy has made a change to its roster, with jungler Jordan “Only” Middleton joining the team to replace Lachlan “Sybol” Civil who departed the roster after just five months. Only is known for his counter jungling, and it’s hoped that he will bring a new aggressive dynamic to the roster. We’ll just have to see Avant Gaming’s former jungler can take down the titan in the top-lane.

Tectonic vs Avant Gaming

Tectonic didn’t claim a single win in Split 1, but there have been a few occasions where the fresh-faced team has come close. One of those times was when Tectonic took a game from Avant Gaming in Week 4. The rookies now have the perfect opportunity to make up for their previous performances and net themselves a win in their opening match. If the team can maintain the clean early-game we saw towards the end of Split 1, then they could have chance to snag their first win of the season. However, this could be difficult as Avant Gaming’s latest recruits aim to lead the team into uncharted territory.

As perennial playoffs contenders, Avant Gaming bring a lot of OPL experience to the table and are known for their punishing playstyle. They may not have been able to rise above their fifth-place standing, but after resounding victories over Legacy during Super Week and beating rival Sin, they come into Split 2 with their heads held high. Avant will be hoping that jungler Jordan "Praelus" Fernandes and ADC Alejandro "DarkSide" Oyonate will give them the boost they need, so make sure you pay close attention to both players when they duke it out against Tectonic.

Dire Wolves vs Order

Dire Wolves will be heading into Split 2 with a new face in the top lane. Brandon “BioPanther” Alexander will replace Chippys following his strong showing in the OCS and will make his OPL debut this weekend. The Dire Wolves come into the new season off the back of an improved MSI performance, notching wins against both KaBuM and Pentagram, while impressively holding their own against tournament favourite BAUSuperMassive eSports. The current kings certainly know what it takes to defend the crown, but they have shown signs of weakness against Order in their previous encounters.

Meanwhile, Spawn’s super team returns after taking an intensive bootcamp in Korea and they now have the perfect opportunity to make an upset in their opening game. Both Swiffer and Spookz will be aiming to douse the flames of Shernfire’s reign and show viewers that Order means business. Split 1 gave the dynamic duo the chance to experiment and get used to their new surroundings, so we expect to see an even stronger showing against Dire Wolves this Saturday.

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