OPL Final is on Tuesday!

By Sephyre

It’s only a few more sleeps until the OPL Split 1 Grand Final! Legacy will take to the Rift against their old rivals Chiefs. Will this be the triumphant return of Legacy or will Chiefs prove they are the best now that Swiffer is back?

We asked Jake 'Spawn' Tiberi and Zac 'Rusty' Pye to break down the matchup:


This has been a whirlwind season for the Chiefs. They struggled for some of it but managed to finish strong by handing Legacy their only loss of the season. They took care of business against SIN in the semifinals with a 3-0 but there were moments when they looked vulnerable.


What do Chiefs need to do to win?

"Another grand final and another Chiefs Legacy clash. However, despite holding the head to head in the regular split this is a Legacy that finished first place and is like nothing The Chiefs have seen since semifinals of Summer 2014.

To win this game the Chiefs need to contain Tally. His performance versus Direwolves was nothing short of inspirational for Legacy fans, and equally terrifying for anyone who supports The Chiefs. The man is on a mission and the MVP of the split will look to push any advantage. This means that Swip3rr needs to step up and play a great series, if Swip3rr is able to contain Legacy's top it should open and area for Raydere and Egym to take over the bottom half of the map."

Who is the player to watch this series?

"Whilst you may think Swip3rR is the player to watch for the Chiefs due to Tally's performances, I honestly think pressure falls onto Spookz' shoulders to win the early game for The Chiefs.

Carbon will be on a mission, and Spookz needs to track Legacy's captain as only he can to allow his lanes the freedom to thrive. Carbon will visit lanes early, and if Spookz loses touch his team will struggle to find the foothold they need in the map to out rotate and think a powerfully mechanical opponent."


The number one seed have been on a warpath this split. They only dropped one series all season and that was to Chiefs. The addition of a gaming house in the offseason has helped cement their position as a top two team. The only question now is whether they have surpassed their old nemesis Chiefs.


What do Legacy need to do to win?

"Legacy will be playing against the 'map control' heavy Chiefs, the answer is quite simply one of two things. You either beat the Chiefs at their own game, play a map control style and have a battle of finesse, or you straight up run at them and force disarray to the breaking point where a mistake is forced and a lead is established."

The former is harder to execute as Legacy have been actively using other strategies, but history shows it's entirely possible for Legacy to keep up in this manner. The latter however is an interesting idea for Legacy, that would firstly be established through strategic vision placement.

If Legacy get a lead, they can work the rest of the map more aggressively and establish vision control to maintain said lead. If they fall behind however, picks (once again established by vision) dictate the turnaround.

Yet most of this comes down to how Legacy want to play. Ideally, lane-swap, freeze minions for Tally to get an experience/item advantage, win with a split pusher and have a strong wave-clearing 4v4 (Sivir as ADC, Viktor/Azir mid). Control the Swips and don't get dove!"

Who is the player to watch this series?

"This one to me is an easy answer with a complex reasoning. Tally is undoubtedly the player to watch throughout the series from Legacy, with an MVP worthy split and a hard carry performance in the semi finals against the Direwolves, he needs to go off.

In order for Tally to perform however, legacy want to meet strict conditions that run the risk of being exploited.

We're looking for a picture perfect scenario in which standard lanes involve no top pressure or a winning 2v2, or a lane swap scenario in which Tally develops massive advantages against Swip3rR through minion and side lane control, to let him run rampant in a split push.

Carbon effects Tally, Regret effects Tally. LoL is never truly a single player’s performance, but when it comes to the crunch Tally is the foot in the door Legacy needs."


The final between Legacy and Chiefs will kick off from 7pm AEST on Tuesday the 5th of April over at www.twitch.tv/riotgamesoceania


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