OPL: Competitive Ruling - Aladoric

By Riot Benji


OPL officials have recently become aware that Aladoric has displayed an isolated, but serious example of negative behaviour in Solo Queue that is unbecoming of an OPL player.



Our OPL professionals are held to the highest possible standards of player behaviour, as they represent the league in all their interactions. As such, violations of the League of Legends Terms of Use carry significant repercussions.


Relevant Rules

OPL Ruleset Article 10.2.8.: Player Behaviour Investigation

If OPL or Riot determines that a Team or Team Member has violated the Summoner’s Code, the LoL Terms of Use, or other rules of LoL, OPL officials may assign penalties at their sole discretion. If an OPL official contacts a Team Member to discuss the investigation, the Team Member is obligated to tell the truth. If a Team Member withholds information or misleads an OPL official creating an obstruction of the investigation, then the Team and/or Team Member is subject to punishment.



Aladoric will be suspended for 3 games of the OPL.


League Operations Note

As the premier league in Oceanic LoL Esports, it is essential that OPL players represent the highest standards of player behaviour. We are continuing to work hard with players and teams to help educate and improve behaviour at all levels of professional play


7 months ago

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