Oceanic Season 3 Championship Day 1 Recap


The Oceanic Season 3 Championship started yesterday with hundreds of teams and thousands of players competing for their spot at PAX and their shot to represent Oceania at Gamescom in August. We went from 845 teams down to 64 after 6 hours of League of Legends action!

The first game of the day displayed a team from Fiji, named CLG Fiji, taking on Team Pushek. The game set the tone for the day with the two teams have some minor skirmishes before CLG Fiji took command of the team and defeated Team Pushek to advance to the 2nd round.

As we continued through the day we saw well-known teams such as Team Immunity and Exile 5 take on some less established teams and advance in games that showed us why they are some of the best teams in Oceania.

The first upset of the tournament happened at the end of the day when Frenetic Array Umart, picked by many to be one of the teams to advance to PAX, was defeated by Daisy Parade in a one hour game.

Will this be a sneak peak of more upsets that will happen today? Only way to find out is to tune in at 12pm AEST at www.twitch.tv/aclprolol when we go from 64 teams down to the top 16!

If you missed the games from yesterday, you can check them out here.

If you want to check out the brackets and make some predictions of your own, head over to http://riot2013.aclpro.com.au/brackets.html

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6 years ago

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