Oceania make history at Rift Rivals

By Lolesports Staff

The stadium erupted and roars of relief echoed through Sydney’s State Theatre as Dire Wolves, Legacy and Chiefs triumphantly held the Pacific Rift trophy above their heads. The Oceanic trio stood their ground together at Rift Rivals, proving without a doubt that Oceania are the current kings of the Pacific Rift in a victory that demonstrates just how far we’ve come. It was an emotional night for all those involved, but the exceptional mix of the new and old Oceanic guard made us proud. Join us as we run through Oceania’s fantastic Grand Final victory and dissect how our boys managed to make it happen.

Dire Wolves vs Mineski

Dire Wolves confidently strode out onto the stage with their heads held high but – despite their dominant performance in the Group Stage – this confidence didn’t transition onto the Rift. Shernfire quickly found himself behind after an early invade gave Jjun access to the Wolfpack’s buffs and farm. As a result, Dire Wolves’ captain looked considerably weaker and he was forced to play catch-up for the entire game.

Shern’s lack of presence gave Jjun’s Xin Zhao complete access to bot-lane and he set up his tent and began harassing K1ng time and time again. After K1ng had fallen, Dire Wolves put all of their vision control towards the bottom side of the map, but Mineski simply rotated mid and Gari’s Vladimir dove into the backline, while Jjun killed K1ng to break open the lane. Nothing was going in Dire Wolves’ favour and Oceania’s grip over the international trophy began to loosen.

The vision denial made it incredibly hard for Dire Wolves to contest buffs and Jjun soloed Ocean Drake, but Dire Wolves answered with 1-3-1 rotation to help create map pressure and avoid risky teamfights. This strategy started to work up until a two for one trade saw both Triple and Biopanther fall. Meanwhile, a failed engage from Shernfire gifted a free Baron to Mineski and SEA’s third seed continued to ramp up the pressure. Hamezz’s Fiddlesticks was absolutely terrifying and the Wolfpack couldn’t even get out of their base without the Harbinger of Doom unleashing havoc onto their carries. A final fight broke out and Exosen’s Ryze secured a triple kill that saw them tear open Dire Wolves’ base, forcing BioPanther to helplessly look on as structures fell around him. It certainly wasn’t a good start for Oceania. The wolfpack may have led the charge up until this point, but from here they wisely took a step back. It was time for their Oceanic allies to come forth and seek revenge.

Legacy vs Ascension

Legacy were left to pick up the pieces from Mineski’s shellacking and they wanted to prove that they could save Oceania from an international defeat. This match saw a clash of bruisers as Mimic’s Aatrox and Rockky’s Darius exchanged blows in the top-lane. Ascension’s Irelia funnel comp allowed Only’s Trundle free reign of the jungle and he quickly roamed top to force Rockky’s Darius out of lane. Mimic absolutely smashed Rockky, constantly using Darkin Blade to zone him away from his farm. As a result, four members of Legacy’s lineup roamed top, securing first brick and an undisputed Rift Herald. Every objective was going in Legacy’s favour as Only dropped Herald into mid, creating pressure and slowing G4’s ability to snowball. Ascension tried to make a play in top and Rockky teleported in to help peel, but Mimic’s Aatrox was just too strong and he melted Lloyd before turning his blade towards DelpaiN.

Legacy were finding everything they needed and Raid’s Varus and Claire’s Zoe killed four members of Ascension, while a triple kill went over to Mimic’s Aatrox just seconds later. By 23-minutes, Mimic had secured a 7/0/10 scoreline and Claire’s Zoe went 8/1/8 after he burst down Ascension’s carries for Legacy’s second ace of the game. Ascension desperately tried to stop Legacy from securing Baron but the buff fell to Oceania thanks to the huge amounts of damage from Claire and Mimic. Unfortunately, the buff didn’t last long and a massive skirmish saw everyone except Only fall to Ascension. Desperation was starting to show and Legacy attempted to sneakily break open top inhib, but Rockky’s Darius slammed his axe down, halting the push and netting himself a game-changing triple kill. It looked like all hope was lost, but Claire stepped up and put on a captain’s performance. The masterful mage single-handedly stopped Ascension from winning the game by killing two members, taking Baron, stealing dragon, and then wiping everyone in the final teamfight. Legacy reignited our hopes and proudly passed the torch onto the old guard.

Chiefs vs Kuala Lumpur Hunters

The once dominant dynasty had a lot to prove in this matchup. They had come to the international stage many times, and fallen just as many. Yet apart by Swip3rR, the only remaining member of the dynasty, this was a new team – and they were determined to bring forth a new result. This triumphant cheers erupted from the stadium when Swip3rR locked in his iconic Kled pick. Chiefs’ veteran top-laner instantly picked up First Blood after Babip’s Camille caught Shiro overextending. The rock in the top quickly began to exert his lead, but the silence from Arrhedge’s Malzahar and CC from QaspeiL’s Xin Zhao proved too much for ry0ma and an undisputed Ocean Drake went over to KLH. The young mid-laner found himself victim to QaspieL’s ganks time and time again, giving KLH huge amounts of mid-lane priority. QaspieL then turned his focus towards top and he unleashed Rift Herald, shutting down Swip3rR in the process. Just minutes later, a mid-lane skirmish erupted and Swip3rR dove onto KLH’s carries and he relentlessly pursued Arrhedge’s Malzahar until he collapsed. Chiefs then rotated to Infernal Drake and secured the buff without any interference.

It looked as though Oceania’s dreams were in good hands and Chiefs set up around Baron, clearing out all of KLH’s wards, denying vision of the game-changing buff. Once they knew KLH had no wards around Baron pit Babip started up Baron, but OzaraVeki’s Vision of Empire spotted them out and Chiefs were forced away from the buff. As a result, Baron vision control went over to KLH and both teams waited for one another to make a move. Swip3rR engaged with Charge! and Raes followed up with a huge five-man Hemoplague, killing two members and forcing KLH away from the buff. However, Shiro unleashed Rumble’s Equalizer into the pit, but ry0ma’s Irelia quickly zapped onto KLH’s remaining members, securing a triple kill and giving Babip time to quickly take the buff. Chiefs then aced KLH and broke open the base for a dominant match point victory.

Chiefs vs Mineski

The hopes and dreams of a region were resting firmly on the Chiefs’ shoulders. Oceania’s old guard had been called... and this time they answered with a dominant cry. Mineski had gone undefeated in the tournament, but Chiefs’ veteran top-laner wasn’t about to let another international trophy slip through his hands. The dominant dynasty needed to win this game to avoid going to Game 5 and they strode onto the stage confident that they could make history. Thankfully, this confidence wasn’t misplaced. First Blood went over to Mineski after Jjun’s Xin Zhao brought down the punishment onto Raes. Ry0ma traded kills with Exosen’s Zoe and both mid-laners fell to one another in knockout blows. Every lane was kicking off and Babip got revenge on Jjun, giving a kill over to Swip3rR’s Mundo after he caught Mineski’s jungler stealing his red.

However, Mineski weren’t to be outdone and Gari evened the score by securing a double kill in bot-lane, but Chiefs’ veteran top-laner continued to flex his mighty Mundo muscles. Swip3rR ran an absolute clinic over Mineski, constantly harassing Jjun whenever he tried to gank his laners. Big Swips quickly found himself four kills up and he broke open top-lane for lightning-fast first brick. Just minutes later, a fight erupted around Ocean Drake and Chiefs cleanly aced them. Mineski’s grip over Oceania quickly began to loosen and it was clear Oceania’s rock in the top wasn’t going to move. It was smiles all round as Swip3rR continuously chunked huge amounts of health away from Mineski’s carries, while throwing out monstrous cleavers that dissuaded any retaliation.

A huge backline play from Swip3rR resulted in another ace for the Chiefs and they instantly started up Baron. Once Mineski’s death timers had been reset they rushed towards the jungle in hopes of contesting the buff, but Swip3rR crept behind them and ry0ma launched himself into the fray, securing an incredible pentakill that broke open Mineski’s entire base.

Oceania make history

After six years of hardship and heartbreaking losses, Oceania has finally won their first international tournament – thanks in no small part to players like Swip3rR, the armoured titan; Claire, the calculated mid-laner; and Shernfire, the aggressive jungle wolf. It’s a historic moment for the whole of Oceania – and it took three teams working together to get the job done.

GG Chiefs, Dire Wolves and Legacy!

1 year ago

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