Little Wraith: on the rise

By Riot Sephyre

Over the next few weeks we will be profiling the teams that qualify for the Oceanic Regional Tournament. The fourth team to qualify is Little Wraith, with the team crushing their way through the ACL qualifier.

Little Wraith were once the most exciting team in the Oceanic eSports scene. They came out of nowhere with a shock upset of Team Immunity in a Go4LoL monthly final last year. It was the first tournament Immunity had ever lost in the region.

The Wraiths followed this up by shredding their way through the IEM Singapore qualifiers. Taking down VGR, Team NV and Gubul Gaming to make it through to the Regional Invitational round. They would go on to lose to the Hong Kong-based Cyber Games Arena LEGENDs, which knocked them out of the upper bracket and into the lower.

In their next match Little Wraith beat Mineski from the Philippines, a team that rocketed to fame by qualifying for the World Championships in 2013. The Wraiths would eventually go down 2-1 to Kuala Lumpur Hunters and fall just short of making it onto the big stage at IEM. 

Coming off that high, with lots of excitement around what the Wraiths could do this season, tragedy struck when their mid-lane player Wildjoshy had to leave the region as his family was moving overseas and their support player quit.


Jinx (above)

Into this maelstrom went Jinx, the team’s manager, who admits that it was one of the toughest challenges she has faced in her career.

“It was hard to rebuild something that used to be so solid and it’s awfully stressful,” she explains.

Jinx also has a unique strategy for making sure her players show up on time for events. She threatens to play as a substitute and choose Galio for whatever role is missing. So far Little Wraith has never had a time delay for a match.

“Most of the time the team runs itself – setting up scrims, signing up for tournaments and negotiating with sponsors are enjoyable parts of managing but nothing is better than the success of a winning team,” she adds.


Filling the shoes of Wildjoshy was never going to be easy, but Keane is going to try. He knows that Wildjoshy was a big part of the ‘Immunity Killers’ that the Wraiths are now known as by other teams.

But Keane is a star in his own right. Originally from Korea, he was ranked 11th on the Challenger Ladder over there and was picked up as a sub for Team MIG that played in OGN’s Champions Summer 2013. He was scouted by Woong, who was managing Team MIG at the time and was formerly the ADC for CJ Entus Frost.

“My parents were proud of me when I became a professional in Korea, because the Korean pro League of Legends scene is very competitive,” says Keane.

He’s also very gracious when he talks about Swiffer, who plays mid-lane for Team Immunity, and the challenge they pose for Little Wraith.

“They have a very good mid-laner that I have much to learn from his plays,” adds Keane.


Trashboat (above)

One of the players that stuck around for the rebuild is Trashboat, who actually joined the team when it was known as FIGJAM for the PAX tournament last year. FIGJAM would go on to shuffle rosters and become Little Wraith.

“I was one of the very few high ELO players from Oceania on North America and I was approached by a friend at the time that played for Exile 5 and was looking to make a new team to enter PAX with,” explains Trashboat.

He is also known for his unique approach to training. The rest of the Wraiths like to focus on solo queue, but Trashboat prefers to sharpen his skills through research and watching replays.

“I feel spamming games can be quite detrimental if you keep repeating the same mistake over and over,” he says.

Trashboat also admits to getting a little nervous before big tournaments, like in the team’s pursuit of a spot at IEM Singapore.

“When we came up against the likes of Mineski it was definitely a test of will to keep my composure,” adds Trashboat. “I don’t really feel there is anything you can really do to prepare for that.”

The Immunity Killers know they have a lot to prove in the Autumn Regional. They entered the season as red-hot favourites thanks to their IEM performance, but they were beaten in the final of two different qualifiers. The first was at the hands of Frenetic Array and then they fell to Team NV a week later. Those losses have only served to toughen the motivation of the Wraiths, who are determined to prove their new roster is even better than the old.


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5 years ago

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