Legacy bring the heat in Round 2

By Amy Lau

Round 2 of the Oceanic Pro League kicked off on Thursday night with Avant Garde, Legacy, Sudden Fear and Team Immunity clawing for points.


Game 1: Legacy vs. Sudden Fear

Legacy brought the heat early and often in their match against Sudden Fear. A strong laning phase combined with early jungle presence gave Legacy an edge they were able to snowball with.

ChuChuZ’s LeBlanc was out for blood as early as the 10-minute mark, forcing an early recall and loss of Summoner Spells from Ayy Paps on Xerath. This pressure freed ChuChuZ to roam around the map and to start harvesting kills.

Sudden Fear did not appear deterred, and attempted to fight for Dragon. The resurgence was short lived for the newcomers though as Legacy was able to catch them out and pocket a clean ace.

The combined force of ChuChuz’s unkillable LeBlanc and Legacy’s staggering gold lead eventually led to Legacy pounding down Sudden Fear’s base and taking the first game of the night.


Game 2: Avant Garde vs. Legacy

This match would mark the first meeting of Avant Garde and Legacy since their grueling best of 5 series in the 2014 Oceanic Finals at PAX. With the continued absence of porky, Avant had Badgamelol subbing in the top-lane for the night’s games.

Avant looked to target Cardrid’s Irelia by starting off the game with a lane swap. Legacy’s response to this was to invade Avant’s jungle at Level 1, successfully stealing Chelby’s red buff and setting him behind on Nidalee. Carbon on Lee Sin went on to claim Avant’s bot side jungle as his own with aggressive deep wards, stealing red buff for a second time and effectively forcing Chelby out of his own jungle.

Legacy claimed Baron by the 30-minute mark at the cost of Carbon and ChuChuz, which led to Avant taking what would have been Legacy’s fifth dragon. Avant’s small victory did not last long, as Cardrid’s Irelia would frontline team fights to devastating effect – allowing Legacy to eventually pick up their fifth dragon and finish their night with a 2-0 victory.


Game 3: Sudden Fear vs. Team Immunity

The nostalgia was thick in champ select as Cheese locked in his trademark Swain. He followed this up by securing an early first blood against Ayy Paps’ Kassadin with the help of Zahe on Jarvan IV.

Sudden Fear would take the first Dragon of the game, but at a heavy price of two turrets and two kills in the favour of Team Immunity. A 3v2 skirmish broke out at 16 minutes near the mid lane that looked to be in Sudden Fear’s favour, but a perfectly-timed Janna shield from Tgun’s Janna kept Cheese alive and the Swain maestro turned it into a triple kill.

There was no answer on the side of Sudden Fear as Cheese’s Swain continued to snowball out of control, allowing Immunity to push through and take the nexus.


Game 4: Team Immunity vs. Avant Garde

Team Immunity and Avant Garde would close out the night with an explosive match. The game started with both junglers roaming around and looking for brawls in all three lanes. One of these hunts from Chelby on Rek’Sai would eventually prove successful and allowed Kenste’s Lulu to claim first blood.

Despite having a gold lead and complete Dragon control in the mid-game, Immunity seemed to fall apart against Avant in team fights. The only bright spot was when Uberbro thwarted Avant’s risky Baron attempt and picked up a triple kill in the process.

Heading into the late game, Avant’s strong team fights turned the game in their favour. Even Immunity’s fifth Dragon was not enough to survive the onslaught of Badgamelol’s Jax and Maz’s Sivir, and Avant proceeded to secure an ace and end the game shortly after.


OPL continues Mondays and Thursdays from 6PM AEDT at www.twitch.tv/riotgamesoceania


Amy Lau is a contributing writer and the manager of Chiefs. You can follow her on twitter here. 

4 years ago

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