International Wildcard Qualifier 2016: Match Schedule

By LeonButcher

Carrying different stories, metagames and playstyles, eight teams will fight for a place among the greatest, giving their best to conquer the two Wildcard spots for Worlds 2016.

The International Wildcard Qualifier 2016 round robin kicks off in São Paulo (Brazil), August 24th, with epic battles between the champions from Brazil, Latin America North (LAN), Latin America South (LAS), Japan, Russia/CIS, Oceania, Turkey and Southeast Asia (Garena).

After six days of competition at CBLoL studios, four teams say goodbye to Worlds, and the other four advance to the qualifiers, to be played at the Ópera de Arame, in Curitiba (PR).

Check out the calendar below, in AEST timezone, and stay tuned while the remaining champions are locked-in:

IWCQ 2016 - Round Robin

Five daily matches, wrapping-up with three last matches on Monday plus tiebreakers if needed.


Thursday - 25/08
6:00 AM Kaos Latin Gamers Movistar (LAS) x INTZ (CBLoL)
7:00 AM CIS (TBD) x Chiefs (OCE)
8:00 AM Kaos Latin Gamers (LAS) x Dark Passage (TUR)
9:00 AM LAN (TBD) x INTZ (CBLoL)
10:00 AM Rampage (LJL) x SEA (TBD)


Friday - 26/08
6:00 AM Ramapge (LJL) x CIS (TBD)
7:00 AM Chiefs (OCE) x Kaos Latin Gamers Movistar (LAS)
8:00 AM Dark Passage (TUR) x LAN (TBD)
9:00 AM INTZ (CBLoL) x Rampage (LJL)
10:00 AM SEA (TBD) x Chiefs (OCE)


Saturday - 27/08
6:00 AM CIS (TBD) x Dark Passage (TUR)
7:00 AM Kaos Latin Gamers Movistar (LAS) x LAN (TBD)
8:00 AM Chiefs (OCE) x INTZ (CBLoL)
9:00 AM Dark Passage (TUR) x Rampage (LJL)
10:00 AM LAN (TBD) x SEA (TBD)


Sunday - 27/08
6:00 AM Rampage (LJL) x Kaos Latin Gamers Movistar (LAS)
7:00 AM Chiefs (OCE) x LAN (TBD)
8:00 AM CIS (TBD) x Kaos Latin Gamers Movistar (LAS)
9:00 AM INTZ (CBLoL) x Dark Passage (TUR)
10:00 AM SEA (TBD) x CIS (TBD)


Monday - 29/08
6:00 AM LAN (TBD) x Rampage (LJL)
7:00 AM INTZ (CBLoL) x CIS (TBD)
8:00 AM Kaos Latin Gamers Movistar (LAS) x SEA (TBD)
9:00 AM Dark Passage (TUR) x Chiefs (OCE)
10:00 AM SEA (TBD) x INTZ (CBLoL)


Tuesday - 30/08
6:00 AM LAN (TBD) x CIS (TBD)
7:00 AM Dark Passage (TUR) x SEA (TBD)
8:00 AM Chiefs (OCE) x Rampage (LJL)
9:00 AM Tiebreakers if needed
10:00 AM Tiebreakers if needed
11:00 AM Tiebreakers if needed


IWCQ 2016 - Qualifiers

The top four teams fly to Curitiba, where they’ll be playing the BO5 of their lives: each winner earns a spot at Worlds 2016.

Qualifier 1 – Sunday, September 4rd
7:00 AM – Best of 5*

Qualifier 2 – Monday, September 5th
5:00 AM – Best of 5*

By default, the seeding will follow standard rules of 1st vs. 4th(Q1) and 2nd vs. 3rd (Q2). If the Brazilian team INTZ, however, as the host region, manages to qualify in the top four positions, their BO5 will take place on Sunday -- which can affect the schedule, but never the seedings. 

Ópera de Arame, Curitiba. (Photo: herval - Flickr)

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