Inside the Rift: the rise of Curse

By Riot Benji
Round one of the Winter Regional is in the books and it has set up a showdown for the ages. Both Team Immunity and Curse looked dominant in their opening matches, but now it's time to find out which team can really live up to their hype.
Avant Garde Ascension also looked impressive in their win over UTS, but their next test is the turtle masters YSC. The winners of each of our featured matchups will punch their tickets straight to the final 4 at Supanova Perth. The losers have to face elimination games in the lower bracket.
To help make sense of the madness, caster Max 'Atlus' Anderson shares his thoughts.

Team Immunity vs Curse


What is the best matchup to watch in this game?

Atlus: Mid lane would be my prediction. Keane was playing out of his mind on day one and what better test than to face the mid laner from the best team in the region? Keane has incredible mechanics but Swiffer comes with a pocket Spookz who always seems to be at the right place at the right time.

Immunity’s bot-lane looked unstoppable against CMS, what can Curse do to slow them down?

Atlus: The marksman matchup looks lopsided from the outset just based on the notoriety of Raydere. Although, if Boat can avoid being intimidated and make sure he is on the same page as Airy, I can see this being very close. That being said, Rosey and Raydere have had some very sinister, weird bottom lane picks that would even impress Airy’s unorthodox champion pool.

What will Curse have to do in the mid-game, where Immunity is traditionally strong?

Atlus: Curse’s play-style actually works fairly effectively against Immunity without changing too much. This is due to their tight rotations around the mid-game and a very objective-focused, decisive style of play.

How different are the styles of the junglers?

Atlus: Chelby and Spookz have a very similar champion pool and both generally focus on a ganking/lane pressure play-style. The only defining factor is that Chelby tends to get amazingly bloodthirsty for kills which either helps Curse catch their opponents out or severely disadvantages them. Both of them don’t shy away from fights in the jungle either, so things could get hectic early.

Curse was once known as the ‘Immunity Killers’ do you think that reputation plays a factor?

Atlus: I think this definitely plays into confidence for Curse. Immunity are famously not afraid of anyone and always play confidently, regardless of who their opponents are. But now Curse knows they can beat Immunity, which vastly helps their morale. The only issue for Curse is that because they have made themselves known as a threat, Immunity will have planned hard for this match.

How will Immunity react if Curse takes the first game off them?

Atlus: This is basically what happened at CGPL, so you can look for Immunity to go into game 2 with their serious hats on, ready to tear Curse apart. We’ll see if they can do it again since this time Curse has found so much momentum – I honestly cannot call it.

Avant Garde Ascension vs YSSC


What is the best matchup to watch in this game?

Atlus: I may be biased, but my two favourite mid laners are in this game. Chuchuz for his signature Yasuo and assassin play, and Lilqtcheese’s aggressive Swain and game-changing Ziggs.

What lessons will AVA have learnt from watching YSSC’s epic comebacks against NV?

Atlus: Pick a team comp that can engage or siege well, ban Ziggs and prepare for some of the most aggressive mid and bottle lane plays possible in team fights.

How important is the jungle matchup in this game?

Atlus: It isn’t as important as other matches but it is interesting. Carbon plays early pressure jungles like Elise and Evelynn, but Zahe tends to pick more level 6-based jungles like Wukong. We’ll see if the early pressure can get AVA off to the right start.

What bans do you think we will see?

Atlus: This one’s easy. AVA has to ban Ziggs and YSC definitely have to ban Yasuo. From there the options lie with the currently powerful picks but with 2 targets needing to be taken away, some will have to be left open.

How much of a factor will AVA’s experience playing at LANs and major tournaments impact the match?

Atlus: Well YSSC has the benefit of Denian on their side. He has been playing for a long time at the top level, travelling to Korea to play at WCG with Sequential Gaming in 2011. The team can learn from his advice and example and he is already a leading voice on the team. 
You can catch all the action on the stream page when the Round of 8 continues from 6:00 PM AEST on 31/05/2014.

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