Inside the Rift: NV's last stand

By Riot Benji

It’s desperation time in the Winter Regional as the elimination round kicks off this weekend. Curse are looking to recover from the beating they took from Immunity when they face off with Avant Garde Redemption. The match is a winner-takes-all shot at qualification for Supanova Perth.

This round also features a rematch of YSC vs Team NV from the opening weekend. Heavenz and the NV boys will be looking to avenge the epic comebacks YSC managed to dunk on them. Caster Jake ‘Spawn’ Tiberi dropped by to help break down the matchups.

Curse vs Avant Garde Redemption

What will AvR look to exploit after seeing Immunity crush Curse?

Spawn: After that series, it was evident that Boat and Airy are the lane to attempt to bully. I believe AvR will look to counter gank Chelby early and get an advantage for Spoil and Skwiggle.

What is the best matchup to watch in this game?

Spawn: Mid lane. After being handily beaten in the first series, Psyker looked a tier below Keane, however, versus CMS, Pysker was unstoppable and played a fantastic Ziggs. Keane, meanwhile, struggled against Swiffer. It will be interesting to see how Psyker approaches this lane with a recent confidence boost and if Keane can bounce back and help carry his team.

How different are the styles of the two junglers?

Spawn: Profound is an extremely smart jungler and this showed in the games he played in the first round of Winter. He beat Chelby around the map early and Chelby is in my opinion the key to Curse. Chelby is extremely aggressive and is a monster on Kha’Zix, Lee Sin and Elise. If he gets ahead he looks to be the main initiator for his team and doesn’t shy away from a fight.

What are the keys for AvR to get ahead early?

Spawn: A solid pick and ban stage will put AvR in good stead for this series. The first time these teams met it was heavily in the favour of Curse and AvR lost control of the game early. Look for Profound to push the pace once again against Chelby and secure objectives for his team.

Team NV vs YSC

Last time they played, YSC pulled off two epic comebacks, will we see a similar stall tactic from YSC?

Spawn: NV played the early game of the first series terrifically, however they were unable to push into YSC’s base. This allowed YSC to make the gold difference irrelevant and they looked extremely comfortable in the late game. Look for them to once again stall until they can fight, however I don’t think we will see a similar game from NV this time round. Look for NV to pick up some hard engage and to once again try and build an early lead but this time capitalise in the late game better.

What is the best matchup to watch in this game?

Spawn: Undoubtedly the mid lane is the one to watch. Any game that has Heavenz as well as LilQDCheese is going to be exciting. Heavenz’ diverse champion pool vs one of the most unique mid-lane players in Oceania will ensure this is an entertaining fight.

Why do you think NV don’t look as dominant as they did in the Autumn Regional?

Spawn: The fact that the competition looks overall much closer, coupled with the fact that CoolMog has been replaced by Intrepid just means that NV are slightly uncomfortable and being pushed a little harder. However, look for this experienced lineup to bounce back and bring their best to the Rift.

What are the keys for YSC to get ahead early?

Spawn: YSC needs to be aggressive if they are to get an early lead. However we have seen that this isn’t necessarily how they want to play. Being able to pick late game carries such as Lucian, Jax, Wukong and Orianna ensures that even if they aren’t in the lead they are relevant throughout the entirety of the game.


What bans do you expect to see?


Spawn: I expect Swain and Ziggs to be banned from the side of NV. I also think Heavenz deserves a respect ban on Orianna. From there, look for some more standard bans such as Lee Sin taken away from BMA and potentially Jax from Jakattack.

You can catch the action live on the stream page from 6pm AEST on Saturday 7/06/2014

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