Inside the Rift: Immunity’s first test

By Riot Benji

We’re only a couple of days out from the start of the Winter Regional. The stakes couldn’t be higher as the players eye that elusive ticket to the International Wildcard Tournament to represent Oceania. The dream of making it to the World Championship in Korea is alive and well right now.

Opening day sees reigning champions Team Immunity up against newcomers CMS and Avant Garde Redemption taking on Curse. To help break down the matchups, casters Max ‘Atlus’ Anderson and Jake ‘Spàwn’ Tiberi dropped by to share their thoughts. 

Team Immunity versus CMS

What will be the best matchup to watch?

Spàwn: Mid is going to be the most volatile matchup in this game and it will be heavily influenced by the jungle. If Spookz gets on top of Pheelings early then look for Swiffer to push this advantage against Bulzy and for the lane to get really difficult. Pheelings was able to impact the CMS vs UTS games with some level 2 ganks so I expect this to continue into this series.

How will CMS’ bot lane face up against Raydere and Rosey?

Spàwn: I feel like this is the most difficult lane on the map for CMS. Raydere and Rosey are known to be the best bot lane in Oceania. Rosey plays unconventional support picks such as Zyra and Zilean which may test CMS in this game. Raydere’s positioning is also exceptional in the laning phase in particular.

What is Immunity’s usual method of winning?

Spàwn: Immunity are known for their crisp rotations and vision control. Look for them to get ahead in the laning phase through superior mechanics and push their lead into the opponent’s jungle and using this to secure objectives.

What are the keys for CMS to defeat Immunity?

Spàwn: I believe early game is critical. If CMS can control the vision game and get a lead in the jungle, leading to some kills in the lanes, it may be enough for them to snowball a lead. If this can translate to some early dragons and towers it may throw Immunity off their rotations and lead to some further picks.

Avant Garde Redemption vs Curse

What is the best matchup of this game to watch?

 Atlus: The bottom lane is my personal favourite of this game. Skwiggle has shown an impressive switch to the support role and plays a lot of different champions. He’s up against Airy, who has an incredibly impressive array of support champions at his disposal and it seems every laning phase is constant harass and constant pressure.

Curse has looked really dominant coming into the Winter Regional, even taking games off Immunity, what do you think is contributing to their rise?

Atlus: Since missing out on a spot in the Autumn Round of 8, back when they were known as Little Wraith, Curse has been putting their noses to the grindstone to try and improve for Winter. It’s paid off, further defining their objective-focused playstyle with a new analyst, coupled with a few roster swaps that have worked in their favour.

What will you be looking for in the laning phase to put either team ahead?

 Atlus: Curse has an amazing ability to pressure objectives early and they can often use this to get a lead and snowball off that to victory. AvR need to play intelligently and make sure they have the vision early to avoid Curse using their signature style to force them out of their comfort zone. Curse being left to play their own game is very scary.

How important is the jungle matchup in this game?

Atlus: The jungle is interesting on both sides here. Chelby almost always needs a Kha’Zix ban thrown his way but he also plays a deep pool of champions. The thing is Chelby can often be overly aggressive in his early attempts to get his lanes ahead. If Profound, who is a fantastic player himself, can play defensively and counter-gank Chelby’s lanes then AvR will be in a good place. Couple this with Profound’s love of farming junglers like Nocturne, AvR can be in a great position in the late game if Chelby can be thwarted early.


Day 1 of the Winter Regional Round of 8 kicks off from 6pm AEST on Saturday 24/05/2014. You can catch all the action live on the stream page.


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