Inside the Rift: Immunity aims for Worlds

By Riot Benji

There is just over a week to go until Supanova Perth and the melee that will decide who represents Oceania at the International Wildcard Tournament.

Team Immunity were at Wildcard last year and are keen to get back to Cologne, Germany, for another shot at qualifying for the World Championships. Their mid-laner that time round was Heavenz, who now plays for Team NV, and now Immunity must beat NV in the semifinals. To cut through the hype, Casters Max 'Atlus' Anderson and Jake 'Spawn' Tiberi stopped by to share their thoughts.

NV lost to IM in the final of the Autumn Regional; will that experience help or hinder NV?

Spawn: The more teams play against Immunity the better they will eventually become. Any insight into their map movements - particularly Swiffer in the mid-lane - will hold NV in good stead. The danger is NV becoming intimidated by their previous loss; however with veterans like Intrepid and Heavenz I expect them to have learnt a lot from last time.

Atlus: Every encounter NV has had with Immunity will be helpful. The issue here is which members of NV have faced Immunity before. With the roster swaps, only 2 members of NV are in the same role and we'll see if that helps or hinders them.

How will Heavenz match up against Swiffer?

Spawn: Heavenz is a great farmer in lane and will look to negate any aggression from Swiffer and Spookz. This matchup is critical and if Swiffer can get an early advantage look for iM to capitalise on the (at times) passive nature of Heavenz. BMA will also have to look to counter-gank Spookz, as much of Immunity's mid-lane success can be attributed to the brilliant jungle ganks.

Atlus: This is definitely the matchup to watch. Both of these guys have very similar comfort picks (Orianna, LeBlanc, Nidalee) but Heavenz has a lot of weird picks he can bring out. They both tend to be playmakers for their teams and if they get ahead, they can really dictate the game. Look for a lot of jungle pressure from both sides to get this happening.

What bans do you expect to see in this game?

Spawn: I don't expect to see LeBlanc make it through the picks and bans. I also believe Spookz deserves a ban on Lee Sin, which he plays to deadly proficiency. Look for Immunity to contest an Elise pick early.

Atlus: Kassadin and LeBlanc are contenders but are also potential first picks, so look to see red side take these away.

How much will Immunity's experience playing live on stage help them at Supanova Perth?

Spawn: Live experience is key on LAN. Immunity have this in abundance and expect them to be right at home at Supanova. However, NV also have some individuals that have played a lot on LAN and I expect them to be just as comfortable.

Atlus: I think it won't so much be iM's stage experience as much as their international experience that will give them an edge. NV are yet to play overseas and iM have a few times. That said, Heavenz was on the Immunity lineup for a lot of those trips so he will be able to bring that to the table.

What does NV need to do in the early game to build a lead on Immunity?

Spawn: NV needs to win bottom lane. So much of iM's movement is dictated by Spookz, Raydere and Rosey. If Mattress and Firstmate can get an advantage, particularly if they play an aggressive lane, I think they can start dictating the pace of the game - look for a Leona / Jinx pick here.

Atlus: Strong laners and early jungle pressure will be paramount. Alternatively look for an intelligent lane swap from NV. Immunity are fantastic in the laning phase individually and NV will need to pick smart in order to overcome this.

If NV fails at this and Immunity gets a lead, how can NV claw it back?

Atlus: Defensive vision control is the name of this game. Immunity, once they're ahead, like to set up a perimeter of deep wards and constantly pressure lanes and rotate as a team to get picks. If NV can make them blind on these rotations they can potentially get some picks and turn the game.

Spawn: If NV are behind they need to keep control of their jungle and play smart. A great example is how YSC played this tournament - only fighting when they felt they had an advantage. They also need to funnel farm onto Intrepid who plays very high-scaling tanks which could throw Swiffer and Raydere off their game.

Who do you think will win?

Spawn: Immunity will win this match, however I think NV are capable of stretching them.

Atlus: The past doesn't lie. NV have never taken a series off of Immunity at a LAN and it looks to me like an iM victory. I would happily be proven wrong though and if Heavenz gets a snowball started I very well could be.

Coverage of the Winter Final starts from 1pm AEST (11am AWST) on Saturday 21/06/2014 on the stream page.

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