Inside the Rift: Ascension vs Curse

By Riot Benji

There are only a few sleeps to go until Supanova Perth and the tournament that will decide who represents Oceania at Wildcard.

One of the hot favourites to challenge Immunity this season was Curse, with the team putting up strong performances in the Round of 8. The only issue is that their mid lane player Keane has been called to help out Curse Academy in North America.

This leaves the semifinal clash between Curse and Avant Garde: Ascension on a knife-edge. Casters Max 'Atlus' Anderson and Jake 'Spawn' Tiberi dropped by to shed some light on the matchup.


How will Curse handle the absence of Keane?

Atlus: I'm not going to sugar-coast this. Losing Keane was a massive blow to Curse OCE and honestly couldn't have come at a worse time. Curse only have a few days to find and initiate a new mid-laner and regardless of their skill, having this little time to mesh will undoubtedly be a massive trial for Curse to overcome.

Spawn: The loss of Keane is definitely a blow for Curse. He is arguably the best mid-lane player in the scene. With his promotion to Curse Academy, the OCE team loses one of their key members.


How different is the jungle style of Chelby versus Carbon?

Atlus: Ah the Chelby story, one told every Curse game. Chelby and Carbon now have almost the same core champion pool and they rest on Elise, Lee Sin and Evelynn. The big difference is aggression. That's the Chelby factor. He's a playmaker whether he needs to be or not, whereas Carbon can be far more calculating in his engagements.



How will Boat and Airy match up against Cardrid and Gymnast?

Spawn: Arguably the most even matchup of the game. Airy is the carry support and changes the way bottom lane is played. He is willing to pick up aggressive picks like LeBlanc and put out damage in the laning phase to get Boat ahead. Gymnast and Cardrid, however, play their lane brilliantly and become critical for AvA after the laning phase has ended. I don't expect to see a 2v2 often in the series, but if we do it should be fantastic to watch.


AvA has played live on stage at the Autumn Regional while Curse hasn't, how much of an advantage will that be?

Atlus: This plays on the minds of players more than we often give them credit for. AvA played our a fantastic nail biter before falling to NV at Supanova Gold Coast and this will really help their confidence and comfort in Perth. Curse does not have the same luxury – especially after losing their star mid-laner. That being said I am sure they have been preparing for it with their managers and coach in order to get in the right headspace.


Who do you think will win?

Atlus: A week ago I would have said it was a tough call, but with Curse slightly in favour. After Keane's departure thought, I think AvA will be able to push through to the final.

Spawn: AvA will win the series.


Coverage of the Winter Final starts from 1pm AEST (11am AWST) on Saturday 21/06/2014 on the stream page.

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