How Avant Gaming took down Legacy

By The Hanshmear

Legacy have looked strong this split, bringing the fight to some of the OPL's top teams — including current ladder leaders Dire Wolves. After that confidence-boosting win it looked as though Legacy might reach the Grand Final with a perfect 10-0 record, but then Avant Gaming happened. AV's comprehensive 2-0 victory left viewers shocked and analysts stunned. Let's take a look at how they put this upset together.

Picking with purpose

AV’s composition was very similar to the one they drafted in their game-winning match against Dire Wolves in Week 4. They picked Sejuani, Corki and Kled once again, with the addition of Kalista for added team-fighting pressure. This draft finds its strength mid to late-game, and AV used the comp to constantly force engages and out-rotate Legacy before taking the Nexus.

Ceres is known for playing Renekton and Gragas top, but the addition of Kled and Jarvan to his champion pool has had a huge impact on AV’s team-fighting. When AV rotated mid after destroying Legacy’s bot tower, Carbon used the opportunity to drop Rift Herald in top lane to try and trade objectives. Unfortunately for Legacy, doing so put their jungler in plain sight, allowing Ceres to safely engage Legacy’s carries with Kled’s ultimate.

This basic skirmish forced Legacy to burn three flashes, while Claire had to use Shockwave to avoid falling to secondary CC from Sybol’s Sejuani and Jayke’s Braum. Legacy desperately tried to fight back and Carbon roamed down to help, but Claire, Lost and Cupcake couldn’t follow up because Ceres’ Kled had forced them on the defensive.

The beauty of AV’s comp is that it relies on simple plays like this to constantly force away objectives and punish those who opt for aggressive play styles.

Adapting during the drafting phase

AV have adapted their comp so it can perform well with a variety of different champions, making it extremely hard to counter with targeted bans. In Game 2 Legacy banned away Kled and Braum, while ensuring Renekton and Elise were off the table for Ceres and Sybol. However, AV simply drafted another variation of their previous comp, switching out Kled for Jarvan and Braum for Rakan.

Legacy desperately tried to play through their bot lane, but AV were always ready to counter with their own cross-map plays. This can be seen when both Ceres and Triple teleported into bot lane to stop Legacy’s push, while Jayke and Sybol locked them down with chain CC from Sejuani and Rakan.

This proactive play allowed AV to pick up three kills, a turret and a 2k gold lead, before roaming top to secure another turret and Rift Herald.

Capitalising on mistakes

AV punished Legacy time and time again and were a step ahead in every engage, ready to counter any misplays. They demonstrated this when Claire tried to push the top-lane wave out and dismantle a turret. AV simply rotated top and collapsed on Claire, stopping his push and killing Carbon in the process. With Legacy’s jungler down, AV quickly raced to Baron and took the buff without resistance. Legacy’s basic macro knowledge went out the window and AV capitalised on these embarrassing misplays.

Sybol knew his team were considerably weaker during the early-game, but AV understood their win condition relied on team fighting and acted accordingly. It was this understanding — and AV’s superior positioning — that gave Triple the openings needed to take down Legacy’s carries. Ceres and Sybol constantly locked down key threats and coordinated their CC to stop Claire and Lost from killing Blinky and Triple during team fights, with Jayke always there to provide secondary peel for his carries, making it extremely difficult for Legacy to recover from any misplays. The clip above highlights how calculated AV were during this series and gives us an insight into how AV have the potential to step up and become a prominent contender in the OPL.

Looking forward

AV have demonstrated they can learn from losses and are capable of upsetting the top ranking teams in the OPL. A third-place finish is now within reach, as they head into a manageable run home that includes series against Sin this week and TM in Week 9. Their future is in their control and if they can execute the same level of precision in their remaining games, we could see the rise of a new contender. The competition has never looked so close and it’s possible AV could make an impressive run during the Finals Gauntlet.

There’s certainly a lot at stake for Sybol and co and they will need to remain focused if they wish to build momentum. Sin is another team that has been through a transitional period, and their newfound skills from Rift Rivals could prove fatal. This match will give both teams a chance to see how much they’ve grown, while also exposing potential weaknesses ahead of the gauntlet.

9 months ago