Grudge match: Chiefs vs Legacy

By Riot Sephyre

Once upon a time there was only one team you needed to know in the Oceanic scene. They wore brash smiles and carried the colours that marked them as Team Immunity. If you saw them at a live event you just assumed they were going to win. Coming into Winter Regionals last year they hadn’t lost a major LAN event in the region.

Then along came Legacy. If you ask someone what they remember from those days you’ll hear talk of the moment it looked like Immunity might actually lose. Or how Legacy managed to come back from being 2-1 to force a game 5 and then upset the favourites. What you don’t hear so often is how Immunity didn’t panic and made no roster moves like other teams tend to do.

Despite the bitter loss the lineup endured. The boys would split off to form their own organisation and became known as Chiefs. They practiced and prepared for PAX Australia where they hoped to have their vengeance. In a series that went down to the wire it looked like they would have it. An incredible catch by Spookz playing Jarvan IV would spur one of those team fights where you just know you have it won.

Chiefs would push in for the win and made it to the nexus turrets. They could taste victory. Yet somehow their normally flawless ADC Raydere took a few hits and Legacy was able to hold and turn it around. The resulting push would see it happen all over again as Legacy took the game.

“It evoked a sense of fulfilment,” recalls Aaron ‘ChuChuZ’ Bland. “When we took their spot in the 2014 International Wildcard a lot of our region saw it as a fluke and didn't believe we were the superior team at the time.

“Beating Chiefs again at PAX in our Regional Semifinal gave our team and our fans a much needed feeling of confidence and gratification.”

Whenever these two teams clash there is guaranteed to be fireworks. There is no real favourite when they play anymore. On paper Chiefs have a slight edge but when they’re on the Rift there is something about Legacy’s teamwork. Raydere likes to point out that Legacy is the only team to have beaten them live, which is an incredible statistic.

“With our first game scheduled against Legacy, I think it’s especially important for us to win as it will set the tone for the beginning of our reign in the OPL,” explains Derek ‘Raydere’  Trang.

You can see the grudge match live at when the Chiefs take on Legacy at 6pm AEDT Thursday  February 5.

4 years ago

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