Frenetic Array: out for revenge

By Riot Sephyre

Over the next few weeks we will be profiling the teams that qualify for the Oceanic Regional Tournament. The second team to qualify is Frenetic Array, with the boys earning a spot by winning the first Go4LoL qualifier. 

This time last year many people considered Frenetic Array to be on the way out. Poor showings in a number of tournaments had put a dent in the faith behind the boys in red and several line-up changes had not improved things.

Fast forward to ACL Sydney last year and Fray, as they are known by their fans, managed to place third even though they were running substitutes for their marksman and support. Next came the Cybergamer Premier League (CGPL) finals where Frenetic Array were almost written off with Avant-Garde and Team Immunity being the favourites.

Frenetic Array would go on to put up strong performances against some of Oceania’s best teams, stunning VGR 2-1 in the semis and running into their old nemesis Team Immunity in the finals. Ultimately they would end up losing to Immunity but Frenetic Array had made a statement.

UberGiantsBro and LittleUberGiant (pictured top)

The core of the team has been together for years, just not with the same sponsor. It started with a trio of brothers: Ubergiant, LittleUberGiant and UberGiantsBro.

“My first ever team was Qlimax Crew,” recalls LittleUberGiant. “After a short stint with them I went on to create a new team with my brothers which has changed line-ups and sponsors over the years to become Frenetic Array.”

Ubergiant no longer plays competitively, but LittleUberGiant on support and UberGiantsBro on marksman has become one of the most feared duos. The brothers have given Team Immunity’s bot-lane a lot of trouble in scrims and LittleUberGiant talks fondly of the time they beat Immunity at Avcon and knocked them into the loser’s bracket.


Frenetic Array’s wildcard is their jungle player Rippii. He likes to talk about how the drive to play competitively only came a few months ago and he has never been on another team.

“I got picked up by Fray by being very well known in solo queue by hitting rank 2 on the Challenger ladder last season,” says Rippii.

The CGPL tournament was actually his first big LAN and Rippii was a big part of Frenetic Array’s charge through to the finals. Despite this, he claims that he wasn’t nervous the entire time.

“I don’t really get nervous before I play for any game,” explains Rippii. “Probably because I just have to farm creeps all day and don’t have to lane against anyone.”


JKSmithy (above)

The veteran running the team is their top lane player JKSmithy. He acts as team captain, manager and has been friends with the Ubers for years. He is also the one that organises nightly scrims with other top Oceanic teams to prepare for the Regionals.

“Each time we practice we talk beforehand about what we want to get out of each session,” says JKSmithy. “For the solo aspect of training we basically make sure to practice and cover off what we believe to be the strong champs or ones that fit our play style and team composition.”

One thing you pick up quickly around the Frenetic Array practice sessions is how they like to talk about periods of time in terms of champion releases. JKSmithy started playing the game after Sona came out, while UberGiantsBro chimes in that he began his League of Legends journey around the time Irelia was released.

The only person who doesn’t is their mid laner, Untalented, who is also the only one to have played for other top teams like VGR, NV and NZesports. He got his start from some flashy play in solo queue.

“A player was looking for a mid laner to play for his New Zealand team and thought I was the best mid in New Zealand,” says Untalented.


Every member of Frenetic Array is proud of the way in which they qualified for the Autumn Regional, smashing their way through the first Go4LoL qualifier without dropping a game. This is despite running into big name teams like NV and 4Not and having to put up with all the hype around Little Wraith going into the tournament. The Wraiths had come off impressive showings at the IEM qualifiers but failed to make it past the semifinals in the qualifier, despite being the only ones to have taken an Oceanic tournament off Team Immunity. That is one statistic Frenetic Array is hoping to erase. The boys have been handed a lot of silver medals after losing finals to Immunity and now they are out for vengeance.



5 years ago

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