Eliminated pros pick the OPL Final

By Amelia Savery

There are 40 starting players in the OPL, but only ten get to share the stage at Luna Park. But everyone has one thing in common: a passion for Oceanic League of Legends, and a strong desire to see the region perform well internationally. Without rubbing too much salt in their wounds, we caught up with some of the eliminated pros to get their thoughts on the final.

What's your prediction for the final?

Mitchell 'Destiny' Shaw, Avant Garde: I believe that either team can win the final, but a slight advantage to Chiefs due to the small timeframe Legacy have to readjust with Claire in a new role.

Kieran 'Warble' Brown, Avant Garde: Chiefs 3-0.

Andrew 'Rosey' Rose, Sin Gaming: Chiefs 3-0, easy peasy!

Tae-hyung 'Ryoo' Ryoo, Team Immunity:  Chiefs 3-1.

Luchio 'Soulstrikes' Park, Team Immunity: Chiefs 3-1 or 3-0.

Bradley 'Tgun' Seymour, Team Immunity: Chiefs 3-0.

Who do you think the finals MVP will be and why?

Mitchell 'Destiny' Shaw, Avant Garde: I feel like Spookz will be the MVP. He's played consistently throughout the split, making gamechanging plays and calls that allow the Chiefs to stay resilient in any position that they are put in.

Kieran 'Warble' Brown, Avant Garde: Raydere, because he'll outclass Legacy's bottom lane.

Andrew 'Rosey' Rose, Sin Gaming: Spookz, because the junglers are going to be what will win or lose the games.

Tae-hyung 'Ryoo' Ryoo, Team Immunity: ...Raydere will have the most kills.

Luchio 'Soulstrikes' Park, Team Immunity: Although Swip3rR won't do fancy stuff, I think he's going to outclass Minky at top...but since carries do fancy stuff, Raydere will probably be the MVP. 

Bradley 'Tgun' Seymour, Team Immunity: Swiffer, because people always call the mid laner the MVP! But Raydere has a shot because without Flying Joo, Legacy's bot lane will get beasted.

How will you be watching the final?

Mitchell 'Destiny' Shaw, Avant Garde: I'll hopefully be attending to watch both teams duke it out on the big stage. But in the event that I can't go, I'll be watching the finals at home eating pizza and cheering on Legacy for the upset, as my close friend Maxxy is on stage coaching!

Luchio 'Soulstrikes' Park, Team Immunity: At home, from New Zealand...

Bradley 'Tgun' Seymour, Team Immunity: I'll be at Luna Park!

So, there you have it. It seems our pros are mostly in agreement over the result, but will you be cheering along with Destiny for the upset? 


You can catch the OPL Final live at 5PM AEST, August 8 on www.twitch.tv/riotgamesoceania

4 years ago

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