Dignitas and YSSC on the brink

By Riot Benji

Team Dignitas, formerly known as Frenetic Array, and YSSC are on the brink of elimination. Only one spot remains in the semifinals and tonight’s best-of-3 will decide which team is flying to Supanova. Catch it all live on the stream page from 6pm AEDT.

Keep an eye on the top-lane where JKSmithy, the captain of Team Dignitas, is up against Jakattack from YSSC. JKSmithy has averaged 4.25 kills, 2 deaths, 5.5 assists and 283.5 cs (creep score, the total amount of minions and creeps killed) in the regional so far. By comparison, Jakattack has averaged 3 kills, 3 deaths, 4.5 assists and 212.5 cs.

Be sure to check out the profiles of tonight’s teams:

1 - Team Dignitas (formerly Frenetic Array) 
2 - YSSC 

5 years ago

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