Chiefs remain undefeated after Round 2

By Amy Lau

The Oceanic Pro League continued to Monday night with 4Not, Dire Wolves, Chiefs and Rich Gang hitting the Rift.


Game 1: Chiefs vs. 4Not

Currently sitting at the bottom of the OPL ladder, 4Not looked on edge in the opening game against the undefeated Chiefs. Some early jungle pressure from Naya’s Jarvan IV allowed 4Not to pick up first blood and a couple of kills, starting the game off in their favour.

Backed by Carlos is God’s tanky Gnar, Cnj was able to dish out bursts of damage on Graves, allowing 4Not to out-trade Chiefs in their initial skirmishes. Things continued to look good for 4Not as they would go on to secure the first and second Dragons of the game.

Unfased by 4Not’s lead, Chiefs showed their veteran prowess with well-timed rotations around the map – demolishing 4Not’s turrets one-by-one. A devastating four-man Soul Shackles by Rosey’s Morgana would enable Chiefs to secure an ace against 4Not and claim the first Baron of the game.

An attempt to deny Chiefs from getting a second Baron would seal 4Not’s fate as Raydere’s Kalista shredded through their health bars, securing another ace and a final charge towards 4Not’s nexus.


Game 2: Dire Wolves vs. Chiefs

Being the only two undefeated teams in the OPL, tensions were running thick on the Rift between Dire Wolves and Chiefs.

Swip3rR looked at home from the opening bell on Irelia as he claimed first blood against Perfection’s Rumble and notched a solo kill on him shortly after. This resulted in Dire Wolves attempting to shut Swip3rR down by sending SoulStrike’s Rek’Sai to camp him. Chiefs answered back with Swiffer’s Twisted Fate using Destiny to scan the whereabouts of the Dire Wolves and he teleported in with a gold card locked and loaded. It was a slaughter from there.

The vision control coming from Twisted Fate’s ultimate and aggressive ward coverage by Rosey allowed Chiefs to dominate the mid and late game, enabling Swip3rR to safely split push and take down turrets.

Without losing a single turret of their own, Chiefs would go on to take their second victory of the night and remain undefeated.


Game 3: 4Not vs. Rich Gang

Having generated a lot of hype on YouTube and Reddit in the past week, all eyes were on Rich Gang when they landed on the Rift. The early game started off strong on the side of Rich Gang, with Huey on Rek’Sai ganking Moya’s Orianna and banking coin from the kill. The gang’s early lead allowed them to take the first Dragon of the match uncontested.

Despite being behind in gold and kills, Naya was determined to make plays on Lee Sin for his team by landing powerful kicks to isolate members of Rich Gang. This helped 4Not turn things around in the mid-game and Carlos is God managed to soak up damage in team fights and remain healthy on a tanky Irelia.

A battle broke out in the river 40-minutes into the game as both 4Not and Rich Gang looked to gain control of Baron. Ultimately, there was little that 4Not could do against the combined crowd control of Rich Homie’s Lissandra and Chennyboy’s Xerath – resulting in a 4-0 team fight for Rich Gang and a swift push to the Nexus for the win.


Game 4: Rich Gang vs. Dire Wolves

Round 2 of the OPL would conclude with a close game between Rich Gang and Dire Wolves. The Wolves were looking to come back after a crushing defeat against Chiefs.  Top lane quickly turned into a bloodbath as both junglers came in to camp it and exchanged kills with neither team gaining an edge.

Despite the game being fairly even during the laning phase, Perfection on Rumble was able to utilise his Equaliser to devastating effect in skirmishes, decimating the members of Rich Gang and allowing Dire Wolves to solidify a lead by the mid-game.

Rich Gang showed no signs of throwing in the towel though, as Rich Homie’s Irelia attempted to punish anyone caught out of position. Their aggressive playstyle would allow Rich Gang to come out close in team fights and minimalise the gold difference.

Having maintained full control of the Dragon throughout the game, Dire Wolves looked to pick up their fifth Dragon by the 35-minute mark. An attempt to contest this ended poorly for Rich Gang as SoulStrikes on Jarvan IV managed to keep K1ng’s Kalista alive with a timely Cataclysm, freeing the Spear of Vengeance to net a quadra kill.

The Wolves never looked back after that fight, pushing in to Rich Gang’s base and ending the day 1-1.


The OPL continues Mondays and Thursdays from 6 PM AEDT at


Amy Lau is a contributing writer and the manager of Chiefs. You can follow her on twitter here.

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