Chess is coming

By CptStupendous


As you know the semifinals were due to be broadcast out of our studio in Sydney. Due to technical difficulties resulting from Riot Benji spilling excess quantities of energy drink all over the tricaster we have had to relocate.

This means we will be unable to stream League of Legends from our temporary broadcast facility. To address this problem the semifinals will be decided by games of chess.

Switching formats to the two-player strategy board game means that each of the teams in the playoffs had to select a representative to play for them. They are as follows:

Chiefs - Derek ‘Raydere’ Trang
Legacy – An ‘Minkywhale’  Trinh
Dire Wolves – Trevor ‘Chuffer’ Lao
Team Immunity – Lodging official protest as Raydere is a former state chess champion.

In the event of a stalemate, the match will be decided by a game of handball.

Tonight’s broadcast will begin from 6PM AEDT at starting with the pre-recorded side choice of white versus black.

4 years ago

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