Caster Predictions: 8 Ball strikes back!

By Sephyre

The Magic 8 Ball has taken a share of the lead in the prediction contest. The shoutcasting crew were initially dismissive of the spherical prophet, but it's getting real now.

This week Jake 'Spawn' Tiberi, Max 'Atlus' Anderson, Zack 'Rusty' Pye and Matthew 'Fish' Stewart try to predict this week's OPL matches against a plastic oracle.


Caster Points
Magic 8 Ball 9
Rusty 9
Spawn 8
Atlus 8
Fish 7

How it works: 1 point for picking the winner, 1 point for the score.


Chiefs vs Trident

Rusty: CHF 2-1

"I think there's a real chance for an upset here. I don't have a foreseeable excuse for Chiefs dropping a game, but I never really did before this match, so why not again now."

Atlus: CHF 2-0

"I am not even sure about this one. Chiefs should be able to bounce back but it's a lot closer than it should be."

Fish: CHF 2-0

"Trident are looking good, but Chiefs know that they can't drop anymore games. They will be prepared."

Spawn: CHF 2-1

"The chiefs are struggling and Trident are on the rise. But the Chiefs are a proud team and I expect them to try and hit back hard. This is a must win for the Chiefs."

Magic 8 Ball (not a caster but an actual Magic 8 Ball): CHF 2-1

Because we shook it.


SIN vs Infernum

Rusty: SIN 2-0

"SIN draw their power from the middle lane and Infernum have been struggling to win their respective middle lane. Look for Rymeister to pick Diana and roll over Midbeast and Infernum."

Atlus: SIN 2-1

"Two teams on the rise but with a free pass in the mid lane Ry should go off."

Fish: SIN 2-0

"Infernum had an impressive run vs Hellions, but SIN had an even better run against the Dire Wolves and the Chiefs. They will be strong coming into this game."

Spawn: SIN 2-1

"This is SIN's chance to prove that they can be consistent after a strong Super Week and that this the new SIN here to stay. however inf took the series vs Hellions handily and I except Yuziki's aggression to get them one win."

Magic 8 Ball: INF 2-1

Because the 8 Ball wants to give Fish nightmares.

Legacy vs Hellions

Rusty: LGC 2-0

"No real need for analysis on this one, Legacy are the #1 team by a remarkably large margin thus far. I think Legacy will lose before the split ends, but likely not here."

Atlus: LGC 2-0

"Did you hear what I said? Robots. From the future."

Fish: LGC 2-0

"There is a big tree at their gaming house. With many branches. The high rise apartment of Hellions doesn't stand a chance."

Spawn: LGC 2-0

"Legacy as the best team in the league it's simple. Hellions need a win in what is a nightmare run to the playoffs but im sorry this isn't that win."

Magic 8 Ball: HLN 2-1

It’s magic and it’s winning right now.


Dire Wolves vs Avant Garde

Rusty: DW 2-0

"Dire Wolves have a very common tendency to go down in the first game, but adapt and react well essentially turning on beast mode. Should be a clean-cut game 3 with the wolves taking it home."

Atlus: DW 2-1

"I think AV can get a game in there but we know the Dire Wolves hunger for blood. They will prevail in the end."

Fish: DW 2-0

"This prediction is a risky one with so many 2-0's predicted for the week. I did a coin flip with heads for Dire Wolves and even to debate the score after. Both times heads. I went to roll a couple of dice, play a game of high-low and even consulted Siri on the matter. My Fortune cookie said "You will get it right" and that my lucky numbers are 2,0. Everything was leading towards Dire Wolves 2-0."

Spawn: DW 2-0

"Dire Wolves need to bounce back after a lose to Sin in Super Week. The team will look to establish themselves as the best contender to Legacy. Avant looked better after the roster moves and will look to challenge the hungry wolves."

Magic 8 Ball: DW 2-0

The ball of prophecy is sticking with the wolves.


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