Avant: searching for Redemption

By Riot Sephyre

As part of our Winter Regional coverage we will be profiling the first-time qualifiers for the Round of 8. First up is Avant Garde: Redemption, with the team earning their spot by winning the Challenger Qualifier.

This time last year Redemption was a team filled with hope. They had just signed with Avant Garde and were setting up the region’s first gaming house. Speculation was rife as to how far this team could go.

The boys built on this by putting up strong LAN results and were red-hot favourites going into the Autumn Regional. That’s when the unthinkable happened. The team didn’t qualify when a brand new squad of unknowns knocked them out. For the team’s manager Seth, it was heart breaking.

“I sat behind the guys for all of the games and as they played the finals I have never been as on the edge for a best-of-three series in my life,” he says. “They were so confident going in and it showed in the first match. As they lost the next two, it was just a soul crushing experience.”

Seth’s personal torment was worsened by the fact that Redemption’s previous manager, FantasyStar, had left the team to start a new team of Challenger hopefuls called Optic Snipers. That was the team that knocked Redemption out of the Autumn Regional.

“While I had managed teams before, I really didn’t know much about managing a high-level serious team so a lot of it was learning on the fly. Not to mention doing it in the unique circumstances of a gaming house,” he recalls.

On top of this Avant Garde decided to pick up a second team, Mindfreak, and they became known as Ascension. Their sponsor would throw its support behind Redemption and reaffirmed their commitment to the team, but for the first time ‘Avant’ was made in reference to Minkywhale and the Ascension roster. The Redemption boys became known as ‘the other team’.

Rather than sit around and mope, the team embarked on a rebuilding phase. Looking to strengthen their line-up, Seth went looking for a new bot-lane duo and completely overhauled the training regime.

“I always thought that it was our strategies that let us down for Autumn, but I realised that perhaps the most important thing with a top tier team is proper communication,” adds Seth. “If our team could not communicate properly then changes had to be made to allow that.”

New face, new place

Nobody personifies the rebuilding phase that Redemption has gone through more than their marksman Spoil. He only just made it into Challenger in solo queue this season, which is where pro teams go looking for fresh blood.

He’s the first to admit he hasn’t been on a serious team before or played at a massive LAN tournament. But Spoil knew he wanted to be a professional League of Legends player, so he put himself out there.

“I heard that Avant was looking for a new bot-lane, so I asked Shotzz (manager of Ascension) and he talked to Redemption for me,” he says.

When you get him talking, Spoil is quite open about how hard it’s been to convince his family that pro gaming is a real thing.

“My parents were never happy with me gaming, however dad used to dream of becoming a pro racer and he did, so he understood how I felt about going pro in League of Legends,” he adds.

Leaning on your support

Showing Spoil the ropes is the team’s support player Skwiggle. He’s a veteran, having been on high profile teams like NV and Eviscerate. He likes to point out that he too got his break from solo queue play, only it was an entire season earlier.

“I was a high-rated solo queue top laner in Season 3 when I was scouted for Team NV and that’s where I started my career,” he explains.

He’s also quite humble when talking about nerves, which he admits took its toll in the qualifiers.

“When versing YSSC in the Winter Arena, I attempted and failed a flash over a wall that I would normally never screw up, since I was so on edge and nervous at the time,” he admits.

Redemption has tasted what it’s like to be the fan favourite, but they have had to claw it back and qualifying for the Winter Round of 8 is just the first step. The original ‘Avant’ have a new look, a new training regime and have their eyes locked on obtaining a spot at Supanova Perth and on to the World Championship in Korea.


You can see Avant Garde Redemption take on Curse in the Round of 8 on Saturday 24/05/2014. Coverage starts from 7pm AEST on the stream page.


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