All-Star Paris 2014 Tickets On Sale Now!

By RedBeard

Tickets for the All-Star Paris 2014 are now available for purchase!

Running from May 8 to May 11, the event features the All-Star Invitational and the All-Star Challenge. The new format will showcase both the top teams from around the globe and your favorite pros from each region. Each day will commence with the All-Star Challenge and will conclude with the All-Star Invitational. See the schedule breakdown below:

You don’t want to miss out on any of the action. Head over to Ticketmaster to buy your ticket for All-Star Paris.

Purchased tickets will give you access to the action broadcasted live in French at the Le Zenith in Paris, France. There are three different seating sections with varying price points:

  • Upper deck – 20 euros/ticket
  • Mid deck – 35 euros/ticket
  • Floor seats – 50 euros/ticket

There is limited space in the venue so be sure to grab your seat now if you want to catch all the action live!


Day 1 - Thursday - Starting at 11PM AEST

  • All-Star Challenge
  • Europe vs China
  • Korea vs Southeast Asia
  • Europe vs North America
  • Southeast Asia vs China
  • North America vs Korea
Day 2 - Friday - Starting at 9PM AEST
  • All-Star Challenge
  • Korea vs China
  • North America vs Southeast Asia
  • Europe vs Korea
  • China vs North America
  • Europe vs Southeast Asia
  • Tiebreaker (if necessary)
Day 3 - Saturday - Starting at 9PM AEST
  • All-Star Challenge
  • Semifinal Match 1
  • Semifinal Match 2
Day 4 - Sunday - Starting at 9PM AEST
  • All-Star Challenge
  • Invitational Finals

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