All In: EGym’s bid for the throne

By Alex Manisier

Bryce ‘EGym’ Paule’s status as one of Legacy’s more cerebral players may come as a surprise (even though he moonlights as a software engineering student offline).The support player first discovered his talent when switching from Dota, and found that many of his skills transferred over. “I was living in Malaysia at the time and Dota was really big over there...when I eventually moved back to Canberra, the ping to Garena was too high, so someone introduced me to League and I’ve been hooked ever since.”

Taking the bull by the horns

EGym made his first big break on the global stage at the 2014 International Wildcard Tournament with his performance on Alistar, but he is slightly amused that fans associate the Minotaur so strongly with his name. “It feels kind of weird to me when people say that I’m most recognised for my Alistar, considering how little I actually play him. It makes sense seeing as Wildcard was the biggest stage we’ve ever played on...but it still feels kind of funny.”

As humorous as it may be, though, EGym can’t resist beaming about the Minotaur’s place in his champion pool as a surprise pick. “I really like playing Alistar when I can. He may not be the strongest pick right now, but he certainly has his place in the meta.” EGym’s judgement seems to be correct, as popular supports like Counter Logic Gaming’s Zaqueri ‘Aphromoo’ Black and Fnatic’s Bora ‘YellOwStaR’ Kim find space in their team comps for Alistar every now and then.

“Alistar’s almost unmatched initiation power is probably my favourite part of him. You can Flash and use your Headbutt/Pulverize combo from almost a screen’s length away, and when you pop four people into the air, it just feels more satisfying.”

In his enthusiastic description of Alistar, EGym doesn’t even try to disguise his love of playing powerful initiators. “I’ve always had a preference for tanks because they tend to have more engage tools and I like having that control, but that’s not to say that I can’t play or don’t enjoy playing other champions like Janna or Nami. If you want to play competitively, there’s literally no excuse for you to not be able to play all the champions in your position.”

EGym is well aware of his recent struggles on more passive picks like Janna (he’s currently 0-2 on the Storm’s Fury in the OPL). While his play on beefy initiators is still top-notch, EGym has had to look to backline supports to improve his play. To this end, he respects Chief Andrew ‘Rosey’ Rose’s proficiency on such champions. “I really respect Rosey as a player, he and Raydere are certainly a formidable bot lane. Rosey tends to favour utility/mage-type champions, whereas I favour tanks, so in some regards, we’re opposites.”   

The Ideas Man

Legacy’s jungler Tim ‘Carbon’ Wendel describes EGym as the “ideas man” of the team. “He doesn’t call the shots per se. Rather, he comes up with many of the strategic moves the team us a few options before the team decides what’s best.”

If you ask his other teammates what EGym’s biggest strength is, they will praise his macro-level strategy. As his bot lane partner James ‘Tallywhacka’ Shute puts it, “EGym always knows what to do before anyone else.” EGym smiles and returns the praise: “Tally is an incredibly positive player and we have a lot of fun playing together, even when he’s laughing at me for failing hooks.”

While EGym plays a clearly-defined role in and outside of the game, he is not one to stiffly insist on a particular path of action. Carbon praises his flexibility in Champion Select: “We very rarely give bot lane any sort of counterpick, and EGym often just has to deal with the lane that has been drafted for him. He does it without complaining, and makes it work regardless.”

To the casual observer (or solo queue opponent), EGym is the strong-but-silent type (perhaps drawing more comparisons between him and Alistar), so to picture him laughing and shooting the breeze with his teammates may be a little difficult. Nevertheless, EGym is just like the rest of his teammates behind closed doors. “He mucks around and cracks jokes. We all like to talk shit, and Bryce is no different. But as soon as it’s game time, his sense of humour is very quickly curtailed,” Carbon says.   

When prodded for further details about EGym’s love of mucking around, Legacy is stiff-lipped. “None that I could share here,” Tallywhacka grins.


Alex Manisier is a contributing writer. You can follow him on Twitter here.

4 years ago

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