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Join a community group today!

Looking for a new duo? Maybe a flex? Join one of Oceania's community groups and game with new mates!
11 months ago

Upcoming changes to League Partner chromas

We’re adding League Partner chromas to the BE store - find out which champ is getting the next one!
11 months ago

Get League loot with Twitch Prime

For a limited time, get a Summoner's Crown Capsule containing a legendary-tier skin shard with Twitch Prime. If you're not already signed up for Twitch Prime, you can start a free trial today. Click through to learn more.
11 months ago

Oceanic League Partnership Program Roster

Welcome to the new Oceanic League Partners! Get more for making League content.
11 months ago

Skins Story Slam 2018: Winners

The final three (as voted by the community) are here! Get readin'.
11 months ago

Skins Story Slam 2018: Vote Now

The final 10 are locked in, which will you choose?
12 months ago

Watch Loserfruit play Extraction

Loserfruit heads into Extraction and beyond!
1 year ago

Boards Community Odyssey Contest

The crew of the Morningstar has four super duper special objectives for you and your friends to complete!
1 year ago

Announcing the League Partner Program

Whether you’re a pro or just getting started, now you can get rewarded and grow your channel with the official global partner program for League of Legends. Apply to the early access version for giveaways, first looks, special promotion, Riot dev access, and more.
1 year ago

Skins Story Slam 2018

Write your own League of Legends story and take us on a cosmic journey.
1 year ago