Volipuppy: Summoner Showcase #105

By nikasaur

I'm warning you all right now – there's an absolutely adorable puppy on this edition of the Summoner Showcase, so if you die of cuteness overload, we're not responsible. Fair warning.

Here's your first chance to sound off on the Showcase! Send us a quick video response and you might see it on the show. This week's topic: "Tell us about your first game of League of Legends."

Felted Zac

Yüko's felted Zac would be at home on any shelf or snuggled up with his best plush friends. More itchy than stretchy, this Zac still has all the charm and huggability of the Secret Weapon.

LoL Sounds Song

Percussion using a bevy of sounds from LoL? Sign me up! DodgedLoL's awesome compilation proves that every champion can make a little music if they put their minds to it.


Znomy's adorable puppy has been kitted out with Volibear armor and a tenacious attitude to match. I would hate to be hanging around the jungle when this little guy grows up.

Lux, Ashe, Nami and Syndra Art

You wouldn't think these champions were as dangerous as they appeared; not from Joypyonn's art, at least. Don't let the brilliant colors fool you, though, since any of these lovely ladies would destroy you in a heartbeat.

Season Three Preparations

theDURRRRIAN's glimpse into Vladimir, Diana and Talon prepping for Season 3 could be mistaken for a trip to the goth club downtown, but that might be what they're going for. There's nothing more intimidating on Summoner's Rift than that amount of angst.

Summoners, the showcase needs your kickass creations, art, music, sound off vids and everything in between. Head to our submission page and send it all in!

6 years ago

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