Tribal Allegiances: Summoner Showcase #106

By nikasaur

This episode of the Summoner Showcase is jam-packed with your kickass creations, photos and other amazing sharables. So here we are, ready to share more cool community stuff with you!


Fight for the Freljord on Twitter

Summoners all over the world declared their allegiance to the tribes of the Freljord: the Avarosan, the Winter's Claw and the Frostguard. Check out these fearsome summoners joining the war in the frozen north!


Dungeons and Demacians

CaptainMårvelous wears his nerdity on his sleeve and brings us tales from the tabletops of your favorite champions. Join in on all the Dungeons and Demacians fun in the thread here.


Lab Zac

Recreating Zac's goopy beginnings in the Zaun laboratory is no simple task, but Marratu successfully brought the moment to life. As someone who can't stand spills, this image is particularly horrifying.


Ask Zaun Amorphous Combatant tumblr

Zac's a pretty wise dude, dispensing advice and answering summoners' questions as helpfully as possible. He might even answer your question over at


Blitzcrank Geometry

Shimspp's breakdown of Blitzcrank into his basic shapes illustrates that even the simplest construct can beep boop its way to adorableness. Where are the decals and stickers? I want stickers of this!


The Chosen One

TSM's TheOddOne had a dominating jungle performance during the League of Legends Championship Series Playoffs. To commemorate his commanding play, Bambinooo created this awesome image of TheOddOne's Cho'Gath feasting and stampeding his way to victory. New wallpaper? Yes please.


Want more? That's up to you. Send in your sendables, arts, creations and more to the Summoner Showcase now by heading to our submission page!

6 years ago

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