Summoner Showcase #103: It's cake time!

By nikasaur

This Showcase is bursting at the seams with all flavors of goodness. You’ve sent in your arts, your crafts, your music and your cakes, or at least your photos of cakes, which has left us a little hungry. Nevertheless, we’ll try not to get hung up on the inedibles and be buoyed by the very best of the community’s creations. Make sure you’re better fed than us before you push play.


Summoner’s Rift Cake

We’re kicking off with Catalyyn’s cake which looks equal parts (two cups each?) amazing and delicious. One might wonder what’s on purple caster minion’s mind as he approaches certain doom at the enemy tower.


Fiddledum, Fiddledee

The Yordles have a provincial take on the woe of Fiddlesticks’ lonely birthday parties. As per the usual with these talented gents, the song is an eargasm of the first order. Check out the Showcase video as we interview them on the fans’ most-asked questions!


Karma cosplay

Kamikaze Miko sent us a shot of her stunning traditional Karma cosplay. She’s kickin’ it old school in the raddest of ways.


Zyra illustration

Elmagonia has sent over a rendering of our favorite leafy-lass in full bloom. Nobody’s gonna stop those boots from walkin’ over you.


Shadow of Swain

I haven’t had any nightmares lately, but dreamTech made sure to change that right up. This take on Swain is terrifying, and I won’t be forgetting it any time soon.


Blitzcrank papercraft

RedHands’ handcrafted take on Blitzcrank really pulled us in. Not only is Blitz looking particularly awesome, he looks like a delicious block of cheese.


Seriously, someone feed us, and not just cake, but submissions too! Drop your showcaseables right into our inbox. 

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6 years ago

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