Sculptacular : Summoner Showcase #109

By nikasaur

Stacked with a bountiful bevy of brilliant fan creations, it's time to show off even more creative community talent. Featuring carefully composed statuary of all sorts including Amumu, Twitch, Elise and more, hit play to dive in to this sculptacular edition of the Summoner Showcase!


Dashing Baron Nashor

Runeowl's take on the deadliest denizen of the Rift casts Baron in a new light: lawn sculpture! Perched on a pedestal particularly crafted to resemble his familiar pool, the bright colors and dripping ooze are nature's way of making sure you don't mess with this fearsome foe.


Amumu wrapped up with nowhere to go

Community-favorite Amumu returns to the showcase in sculpted glory. Cuquito captured the best of the sad mummy in this creation: Downcast eyes? Check. Forlorn expression? Check. Tears so painful they hurt everyone around him? Fortunately not!


Golden Gangster Twitch

When ad-block software just isn't enough, J Troublez calls in the nefarious talents of Twitch. Skulking above a bed of glowing gold coins, this version of Twitch is more frightening than any old hoard-guarding dragon. Just look at that tommy gun!


A model Orianna

Working from a model base, Moonstonerarity proves her sculpting skill with this intricate rendering of the Clockwork Girl. With every detail delicately carved and crafted, a sculpture like this can cause massive waves. Shockwaves, that is.



Kerschplat's bite-sized Blitzcrank may be smaller than a cellphone, but with those meaty fists there's no doubt his Rocket Grab still packs a mighty punch.


Skittering Elise sculpture

Kobalto03's intimidating spider statue is as terrifying as the champion herself. When she's Rappelling in and Venomous Biting you for surprise ganks, it's tough to appreciate the arch of the arachnid's back or stylish ruby-tipped fangs. In sculpture form, you have the time—that is, so long as it doesn't come alive. It won't, will it?



Nothing says adorable like a soul-sucking Shadow Isles' specter. Actually though, with Skychild's masterful miniaturization, being reeled in by this cute little guy might not be so terrible.


Has this coterie of hand-cast sculptures got you itching to build your own? Contribute to the Showcase with your own creations! Head to our submission page and send in your stuff now!

6 years ago

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