Poromania: Summoner Showcase #107

By nikasaur

No-one's safe from the whimsical charms of our frozen tormentors, the poros. Their distilled adorability has taken the community by storm and when that happens, the arts follow! There's more to this showcase than abominable furballs though: we've also got  illustrations, scratchboards, dolls and more, so get your click on and check out the cream of the community's creation crop!


Poromania reaches pandemic levels

What's that noise on the roof? It's a hailstorm of poro-tastic submissions raining down from the community. Akya, Paulishuku and Glakos bring us poro plushies. Nikkels and Titivilus show off their furball illustration skills. Finally, April Mist made poro keychains with spot-on lolling tongues and shining eyes.


Jaw breaking Vi cosplay

Alice Sama packs a wallop in this Vi cosplay. Not only does she nail the gauntleted-gal's armor, she pulls it off with perfect pink hair. Ka-pow!


Entangling Zyra portrait

Kalagirl's illustration renders Zyra's vivid hues in full bloom, but beware! Every terrifying plant-woman has her thorns.


Ziggs noir

Kaerri8's scratchboard rendering of Ziggs is a black and white imagining of the sheer joy that everyone's favorite bombastic yordle plies from his chief hobby.


Yordle in a bottle, baby

anabel13's fuzzy Teemo in a bottle is an exercise in practical magic. It brings to mind existential questions like, “What came first, the Teemo or the bottle?”



J Troublez crafted this Trundle doll as an offering of tribute to the newly crowned Troll King. The only question is how a troll so cute can still look so ANGRY.


Remember summoners, next time it could be your arts and crafts being shown off to the community at large. Drop your eminently showcaseable creations in our inbox!

6 years ago

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