Nailed it: Summoner Showcase #110

By nikasaur

League of Legends art is popping up here, there and everywhere! This Summoner Showcase is equal parts hand-made and hands-on, and the video, a maniacal mixture of manicure and manual labors of love, is just one click away!


Colored keratin

RainbowSakura, Nicole Silver, Los2ninyo and Hobit404 are all rocking chic nails. Check out Orianna, Varus, Poro and Ashe themed manicures and see how they clickity-clack the mouse and keys in style.


Rift, sweet Rift

buttons00 made a house a home with this Nexus-themed cross-stitch. Where can we get one of these and maybe a pair of defensive turrets for our place? The picket fence is cute as well. Too bad it'd break the balance if we put it on the Rift.


Amigurumi gang

RainingGRIEF showered us with crocheted champions and poros. One has to wonder if Tibbers feels a little vulnerable next to the armored Volibear. Is that fear in those (patchwork) bear eyes?


Pegboard Amumu

Mlcha really nailed Amumu with this pegboard rendition. It doesn't look like he's going anywhere soon, but it's k – the other mummies "forgot" to invite the little guy to hieroglyphics class anyway.


Purple and plagued plushies

Dac24's plush Lulu leaves the famous yordle more pint-sized than ever. With shiny button eyes and a picture perfect hat, this Lulu rendition may be the cutest we've yet seen. On the other hand, Buffkwoi's Twitch is an intimidating counterpoint. Teeth bared and ready for battle, this little rat will strike when you least expect it. Sneaky little...


Portrait of a plant lady

BornToDeceive's Zyra topiary wraps up this Summoner Showcase. The poster-worthy piece features this floral fauna in full bloom. Zyra appears more thoughtful than her usual thorny self, not that anyone should count on that lasting.


That's all for this Summoner Showcase. As ever, we'll need your help to make the next one just as great, so be sure to drop your arts and crafts in this conveniently placed box!

6 years ago

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